Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – October 2014

Whatever we get to see in today’s hi-tech era is the result of lot of brain storming, immense hard work, time devotion done by great minds to ensure users get the best experience. How much time and effort you think was put in to come up with the app say for example Google Maps, facebook, Gaming apps and oodles of them available? Well, whatever we are getting handy to make the optimum use of it and enjoy the ease is not a single day’s work or something that was just randomly created.

People behind such wonderful creations (with best possible unique features) are working day and night to come up with things that promise to add tot he field of technology. Websites which we check to get information were not created just randomly, from themes to extensions, designing part, coding almost everything is taken extra care of to make sure whatever information you are looking for is presented in the best visually appealing manner.

To cut the long story short, each and every designer and developer friend is working hard for letting us to enjoy the availability and ease of handling.  What then works as a helping hand to make the job of designers and developers easy and less time consuming are what we come up with each month and every month. Yes, you got it right! I am talking about fresh tools, apps, websites that are created and introduced with the clear aim of helping designers and developers enjoy the ease of workflow.

Take a look at the useful tools that we have jotted own here for you all to check out and use them.

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

1. ToolsTools.Tools

This is one minimalistic game for designers which in a fun manner makes sure to let them see all animations run at once or view them in single mode.


2. Random Gradient Generator

Random Gradient Generator lets users roll the dice to get a gradient created by two randomly generated colors to get the desired results.


3. Dedesign the Web 2

dedesign the Web2 is a fun game that enables users to test their knowledge of the structure of different sites based on their wireframes.


4. Gerstnerizer

Gerstnerizer is a simple tool that lets users create patterns based on a variety of dot grids. users can create square girds, triangle grids and hexagon grids with varying spacing horizontally, vertically, and diagonally thereafter connecting the dots.


5. Font Family Reunion

This is a table that shows the users as to which works with default local fonts work on each of the major platforms. When the user types in a font-family name, they get to see whether it’s supported, aliased or not available.


6. JotForm Form Designer

Designing the forms for various websites goes easy with this tool named JotForm Form Designer. It lets users create responsive forms making use of various styles, fonts, easy to use tool and good number of customization options.


7. Photoshop Simulator

It is a great tools for Photoshop users that don’t need to install the unwanted programs on your machine. This tool is developed using HTML5, CSS and Javascript and inspired by VisualIdiot.


8. Adobe Color CC

This tool namely Adobe Color CC helps users in generating color themes wherever inspiration strikes.


9. CSS Color Chart

This is a tool that helps users understand and use CSS namespace colors in rainbow order, starting with pinks and reds.


10. Litmus Builder

Litmus Builder is the  first code editor built by email designers for email designers. The tool helps users in streamlining their workflow.


11. CSS Guidelines

This is a one stop for high-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS. Its a document by Harry Roberts.


12.  Shrthnd

Shrthnd as the name hints is a CSS shorthand web app that provides the users with shorter version that’s easy to maintain and helps them keep their style-sheets as smaller as it could be.

13. Gridlover

Gridlover is a free useful tool that allows users to create a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. As you can see, there are adjustable CSS for font sizes, line heights and margins with default output to help you all the best way possible.


14. Flynn

Flynn is a single platform that helps developers in power production, testing and development thereby letting them focus on development projects without having to bother about other things.


15. Aerobatic

This is a single page application hosting built for front-end developers for deploying AngularJS, Ember, and Backbone apps.


16. TrackDuck

TrackDuck is a visual feedback tool for designers and developers. It gives you feedback on almost anything related to your projects be it mockups or live websites.


17. draGGradients

This is an online tool that helps users in creating custom #CSS radial-gradients by simply dragging their mouse. Sounds simple and cool though!


18. Exercism

Exercism is one tool for developers to get feedback from others, get involved in conversation with them thereby improving on the coding abilities.


19. Flexy Boxes

This is a flexbox playground and code generating tool that is sure to be of great help for those who are looking for the helping hand.


20. Bootlint This Page – Chrome Extension

To err is human and while building websites, there is great possibilities that some errors go unnoticed. Bootlint This Page is a nice tool to help catch the errors that designers/ developers are not able to get while building websites with their Bootstrap framework.


21. Remarkable

Remarkable is a simple markdown editor for Linux. The Live Preview users get to see can help change the way the end result is achieved without having to go back and follow the process.  It has a simple, easy to learn syntax with check-lists, highlighting, links, images and many more features that together make it worth trying.


22. CRUD Admin Generator

CRUD Admin Generator is one open source tool that is developed by Jon Segador to help users generate a complete backend from a MySql Database within a short span of time.


23. View Source

View Source is an HTML, JavaScript and CSS app and an iOS extension created by Paul Hudson. The main aim of this tool is to help ease the job of developers.


24. BeeFree

This is one easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor for responsive design emails. With it the company newsletter can be sent it, announcement of the new product can be done and much more. The list doesn’t end here.


That’s all for the day. WHich one of these tool(s), app(s) you have tried? Share your reviews with us. Also, if you have any suggestions, why not drop a comment below and have your say.

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