Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – November 2014

Do you think, the tools, apps, websites or any such resource we keep coming up is truly worth using? I am sure you all do. It is your motivational words, suggestions that keep us motivated enough to keep coming up with the list of useful resources. These resources that we select and add to our listicle are not just randomly selected instead each one of them is picked up on the basis of their utility and features each come with that helps it solve the purpose for which each is created.

We are actually more than hopeful that these free resources are ably solving the purpose and helping you in your different projects. These compilations in one way are solving the other purpose too. The geniuses who have created them, invested their hardwork and valuable time find it motivational. Besides, their work is being known to the target audience for which these tools, apps and other useful resources have been created.

Well, I guess, without further adieu let me begin with the compilation of the resources we have prepared for the month of November. But before, that how about checking out 9 Tools to Find Awesome Font Combinations, a compilation that was quite appreciated by our valuable readers. Now is the time to check out this month’s list of useful tools for designers and developers.

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Flat Shadow Generator

With this cool tool, you will be able to generate shadow icons in no time. Its your one-stop icon warehouse where you get thousands of icons available for free. Simply drag, click, edit, play-around with the icons!


2. Vivus

This is one lightweight JavaScript class that lets users to animate SVGs, making them appear like these have been drawn. There is a huge range of animations available. Also, users can easily create a custom script to draw their SVG the way they like.


3. Materialize

Materialize is one smart tool that ensures to simplify the life developers as it helps in speedy development, promises to provide best user-experience and easy workflow.


4. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

This is one standardized, organized, object-oriented foundation lets users come up with high-quality WordPress plugins with ease.


5. Size-Marks-PS

This is a Photoshop script that helps web designers and front-end engineers convert rectangular marquee to labeled measurement mark.


6. CheckiO

Improve your coding skills with this fun game namely CheckiO. here you can create challenges for your fellow developers and as already said enhance your coding skills.


7. CSS Dig

CSS Dig is one nice tool to analyze the CSS in a new way. With it users can consolidate, refactor, and gawk at the 37 shades of blue.


8. Colorrun

Colorrun is a simple color game where users simply click on the lighter of two colors. It is not as easy as it appears to be. There is a probability of making mistakes further they move. This is a fun game worth trying out to learn the difference between colors no matter how alike they appear.


9. Web UI Best Practices

Web UI Best Practices as the name clearly says is a free ebook that lets users learn the theory and practice of web UI design from experts.


10. FSVS : Full Screen Vertical Slider

Full screen vertical slider…the name says it all! Its a tool that using CSS3 transitions followed up by a jQuery fallback provides ease of full screen vertical sliding.


11. CSS Plot

This is a css-only plotting tool or you can call it a charting library that provides ease of workflow, is responsive and one of the best picks.



This is an e-mail design testing tool that test your email designs across 40 email clients before sending in. Features it comes loaded with ensures ease of the job in hand.


13. TogetherJS

Together.JS is an open source JavaScript library by Mozilla that is created with the clear aim to add collaboration features and tools to any website thereby claiming let users help each other out on a website in real time.


14. Themosis Framework

Themosis Framework is a cool new framework for WordPress developers that has simple code syntax as the unique feature to let users build custom websites and applications with WordPress.


15. ZorroSVG

ZorroSVG – Put a mask on it is a clear tagline that tells as to what exactly this particular tool does. Its a web-based tool that gives you the power of transparent PNGs for the size of a JPEG.


16.  Bootstrap Magic

Easily create easily downloadable Twitter Bootstrap theme with the tool namely Bootstrap Magic Features like contextual live preview, a typeahead function, colorpicker, Google Webfonts, and many more make it the best pick.


17. Fontspiration

This is an application for iGadgets that let users create custom typographic designs with a good number of fonts and dozens of built-in animations. With it users can easily choose their fonts, customize the size, color, animate and do much more to get the desired results.


18. FormKeep

FormKeep is a tool that comes with no iFrames, JavaScript embeds or CSS overrides but helps generate a URL for your form’s endpoint that users easily plug into their existing code to deploy.


19. Furtive

This is one lightweight, mobile-first, CSS micro-framework that is an ideal tool for starting the projects and running the same in right direction.


20. SoundKit

SoundKit is a professional sound library that makes the UI of your design projects not just visually appealing instead soothing to ears. It featuring 300 professional, royalty free sound effects. Isn’t that cool enough to make it your pick?


There seem to be no end to the brainstorming sessions, hardwork and time invested in coming up with an immense range of tools, applications and websites for designers and developers, instead now we can expect almost any tool that will soon be joining the queue of these helpful tools. Wish to know what’s in store for you all? Well, stay tuned in and don’t forget to share your thoughts and any such useful tool you have recently come across and found worth.

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