Trends to Follow While Designing Mobile Weather Apps

Gone are the days when most people watched the weather forecast on television. These days the weather shows up on smartphones and tablets with alerts and eye-catching appeal.

Almost all smartphones have their own apps to display the weather. But third party developers are also working on creating new apps that are more attractive, lighter and quicker.

Let’s discuss some of the top trends in latest mobile weather app designs:

1. Font

Almost all apps have changed to lighter font typefaces like Helvetica Neue, Gotham or Hero. These fonts are sharp and give a crisp and fresh look. They can be read quickly and absorbed by the user.

2. Colors

Colors immediately pop out for users. Most app developers try to create weather displays where colors evoke emotions.  Apps play with color to show the intensity of the temperature outside. The numbers aren’t as important when the app gave show the weather with eye-catching appeal.

3. Infographics

Infographics break the information into bits of data and display it methodically. Developers can use charts or illustrations to show weather trends. They can also display graphs to indicate what has been average temperature on a given date for past five years. Items like a wheel displaying every single piece of weather information like humidity, temperature, wind force or amount of precipitation, can also be created.

4. Photographs

A great example of photographs used online to make an app attractive is Yahoo Weather! It pulls location based images from Flickr and displays the info in a clean and crisp manner. Users can swipe the image to get more weather details.

5. Flat Iconic

This is a simplistic approach to display the weather. Here the developers use the same old weather icons like cloudy, rainy, sunny with a temperature display. Apps like Minimeteo explain that a perfect app need not have beautiful pictures or attractive designs. Just simple sign with card-like interface works fine to give info on temperature which can be quickly glanced by the user.

6. Realism

This feature is a virtual platform where digital interface is designed in such a way to resemble real-life objects such as wood or glass. Weather Dial uses a knob for different settings and a center gauge to display the information. This is a beautiful innovative app and very functional. It also has a fully automated night mode.

Play with colors, fonts and pictures to attract customers and easily sell your app. Create a new user experience and users will pay to use it.

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