Top 10 Free Font Icons

Font icons are gaining popularity, for they can be easily played with. Changing size, color and animation to make it fit onto the screen is super easy with icons. Here are 10 of the top free font icons developers can use:

1. StackIcons

StackIcons hosts icons for all the major social networking sites. It’s CSS included and allows developers create font icons of any shape or size. Another plus is the fact that it allows you to choose your color from a huge palate.


2. Twemoji Awesome

Initially staring as an emoticon project of Twitter, Twemoji Awesome has now been converted into a free font icon site. It provides the users with a cheat sheet with various codes for several font icons.

3. Socialicious

Catering to all the big league social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Socialicious is built to gel smoothly with Bootstrap. It gives the perfect platform for the people who are trying to utilize Bootstrap to create font icons.


4. Material Design Iconic Font

These fonts are inspired by Google Material Design with 15 categories for you to choose from. Once you download it, you can copy and paste the free font icons into your project and with the help of CSS you can spin it, resize it and ornate it with borders.

5. Font Diao

Primarily meant for the major companies and websites based in China, Font Diao has the fame of the icons of companies like AliPay, Weibo, Xiaomi and WeChat. These free font icons may come in handy when a person is creating a website, targeting the Chinese customers specifically.


6. Android Icons

Hosting a huge array of around 250 icons meant for usage in Android, Opoloo, previously known in the Android Community, has created Android icons, specifically for the Android platform. The icons set is free and comes in 5 different size and 14 various colors.


7. Octicons

Octicons provides you with a library of around 170 font icons which are ready to be used in your projects. Brought to you by GitHub, Octicons allows you to use the GitHub’s icon directly in your project.


8. Open Iconic

The most advantageous points of Open Iconic are the small size of the font icons and the fact that they can be shrunk down to around 8px. It contains over 200 ready-made icons which can be used with your own style sheet or with Bootstrap or with other framework.


9. Payment Font

When it comes to free font icons for payment gateway, Payment Font is your solution. It allows you to use the package containing near about a 100 font icons of popular payment gateways like Visa, American Express and ApplePay, among others.

10. DevIcons

Containing symbolic font icons which can be used in projects, DevIcons was created by Theodore Vorillas for similar development application.

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