Showcase designs on Dribbble easily with Dribbbox

As the social media website for web designers, Dribbble allows users to share their designs and get freebies. But the most advantageous perk of Dribbble is the fact that designers can get feedback and constructive criticism of their work which will ultimately improve their designs. Dribbbox is a handy tool that allows designers to showcase their work in their own portfolios easily.

What is Dribbbox?

Dribbbox is a library allows users to easily display designs under their own domain. All a designer needs is their own server and domain set up or access to the hosted server to download Dribbbox’s zip file and install it by uploading all the content of the zip code, including the assets folder, index.html, and the config.js into the server. Then insert a suitable username into the config.js and it’s ready to go.


Portfolio on Dribbbox

Dribbbox has a very simple yet workable portfolio structure. It mainly consists of three columns which represent a designer’s contact, designs and project from left to right. The contact column is fixed, but the column showcasing designs scrolls and the extreme right column can show entire projects one at a time to viewers. But the display doesn’t allow onlookers to comment or share the work. Another advantage is that Dribbbox is mobile friendly.

Dribbbox is a cool and easy to use library which doesn’t require you a knowledge of JavaScript for its utilization. Just add a user name, and if desired, a mail id. It can be customized using can also customized using CSS. Give Dribbbox a try.

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