6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014

With the ever increasing craze of different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets we all know that the mobile internet usage has been skyrocketing and is anticipated to see a boom in the coming days. It is for this reason that clients are demanding designers to come up with designs that besides offering the best user-experience are highly responsive.

By responsive, we mean that the websites are not just designed keeping in mind computers and laptops instead provide the best user-experience to the one who is accessing the websites through mobiles and tablets.

Talk about designers, keeping updated with the latest trends and following them is of vital importance and responsive web designing, web applications, mobile applications are the trend of the day. In the web design industry, we all know that the responsive design is all set to change the way designers create websites and how people are using websites.

For users, there is much more to look forward to and for designers, with changing trends, there’s a lot of work to be done keeping the target audience in mind. We won’t be wrong in saying that responsive designing is the future of  web design world. But then, not all designers are aware of the fact that how not following this latest trend will make their entire effort go down the drain.

Today, I have compiled a list of top reason which are in favor of responsive web designing stating why designers should focus on responsive web designing as soon as today.

6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014

1. Google Strongly Recommends Responsive Web Designing

What other reason one needs to go for the responsive web designing now. Remember two years back Google strongly recommended the use of responsive web design and continues to do so. If you all know, responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML which enables Google to easily crawl and index your website content.


2. Easy Accessibility

Mobile phones and tablets promise to provide users with the information anytime anywhere as it is not possible to carry laptops every where. With mobile devices in your hands, you can easily checkout almost anything from blog posts to newspapers, magazines, emails, mobile apps easily. Responsive web design is a bridge for websites to adapt and display the content easily.


3. Responsive Web Designing is Preferred For SEO

If your website design is not responsive, you will have to manage two separate SEO campaigns for your main website and mobile site while on the other hand responsive web design helps you put all your SEO efforts into a single website which will eliminate the need of promoting individual websites for your desktop and mobile.


4. Minimizes Bounce Rate

More and more people are using their mobile phones to access various websites and if the design of your website is not responsive and users doesn’t like it, they are sure to leave immediately which is definitely not the favorable thing. It is anticipated that the usage of mobile phones to access websites will see a skyrocketing boom in the years to come.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Responsive design assures to cut down the bounce rate for the simple reason that CSS values keep changing with different devices. Switch to responsive web designing now.


5. Responsive Design Is Low On Maintenance

There are lot many business owners that are relying on a mobile web site only which is high on maintenance as it comes with many issues attached and needs to be updated and maintained quite frequently. What a bad idea though! On the other hand responsive web design if adopted is low on maintenance and has a longer life.


6. Responsive Web Design Boosts Up Business

Businesses that reach out to customers see the speedy success as people these days are spending more time on their mobile devices than laptops and desktops. Responsive web design is one convenient, simple, easy, and effective way to reach out to customers.



From the reasons listed above, it is clear that responsive web design is indeed the future of web design and one needs no more reasons to say yes to the responsive web designs. Designers should make sure to follow this trend. What’s your take on responsive web design as a vital part of the design industry? Have your say by dropping in the comments below.


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