Useful Mobile Business Apps for Freelance Designers

Over the years technology has seen immense growth to an extent that today we have applications for almost every purpose we want. I won’t be wrong in saying that our phones can help us get the work done quickly and quite efficiently.

Our topic of the day revolves around apps so, without any further adieu I would come to the point. If you start looking for it, there are innumerable desktop, tablet, and smartphone apps available out there to let us manage our workflow easily which was not possible in the years gone by.

From an app to let you pick up the right type of font, color for your next design project, to an app for keeping your finances under control there are many apps for designers to feel the ease while working.

These innumerable apps let you manage your projects, save your time and money with just one condition that you have a list of the smart apps with narrowed search right in front of you. This is the reason why we have come up with this article. What better way to help designers make the right choice.

Read on to see  the apps that we have listed for our designer friends in no particular order but handpicked with extra care to help ease their miscellaneous tasks.

This post features mobile business Apps that I think all you freelance designers will find useful. Listed under different categories for you all these apps are sure to make you all drool over for the smart functionality and unique features.

Useful Mobile Business Apps for Freelance Designers


1. FreshBooks

Put your business in the palm of your hand. With this business app namely FreshBooks, you can easily check in on your business wherever you are if you have an iOS and Android.


2. Square Register

This is a business app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Accept credit cards and run your business on go with Square Register on your mobile device.


3. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is the speedy way to turn a pile of receipts into digital data to save you time, money and hassle. Its a business app for iPad and iPhone. It helps you maximize your reimbursements and tax deductions speedily.


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4. HeyTell

HeyTell is an app for iPhone and Android devices. This is a cross-platform voice messenger that enables users to instantly talk with their other freelancers easily. No account needed. Simply start the app, choose a contact and push the button to start talking.



5. ColorSchemer

This is utility App for iPhone lets users put over a million palettes in their pocket and turn their mobile device into an endless source of ideas and inspiration. The app makes it fun and easy to explore, create, interact and share color ideas easily.  Discovering exciting new color possibilities and exploring endless creative inspiration goes easy with ColorSchemer app.




Dropbox is a cool productivity app for iPhone/iPad/Android/BlackBerry. This is one of the most popular and most recommended apps among freelance designers. It enable you to bring all your photos, documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Also, you get the ease of accessing any file you save to your Dropbox from any computer, mobile device or the Dropbox website.


6. Google Drive

Google Drive is one safe place for all your stuff. Users can upload photos, videos, document and other files that are important. Access or share them from any device, anywhere with the help of this app.


7. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a productivity app for iPhone, iPad and Android. It is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists. Planning an event, sharing project tasks with a co-worker and keeping track of your daily to-do’s is possible with Wunderlist.


8. iMockups

This is a productivity app for freelance designers. iMockups for iPad is the premiere mobile wireframing and mockup app that promises to help lot designers in their various projects. It’s a simple multi touch interface that focuses on functionality, rather than visuals.


9. Skitch

Skitch is a productivity app for iPhone, iPad and Android users. This app lets users communicate their feedback and ideas. Users can annotate images and documents with arrows, stamps, shapes, text, and more in hassle-free manner.


10. Paper

Paper is a productivity app for iPad users. It is provides the easiest way for users to create sketches, capture their ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web in easy and fun way.


11. Clear

Clear  is a productivity app for iPhone and iPad that is one simple app with cool interface. The clever use of gestures makes it fun. Definitely worth checking out.


12. Diet Coda

Imagine combining a powerful code editor with first-class file-management, mixing in some useful tools, and optimizing it for portability. Yes, all this is possible with Diet Coda.



13. MyPrice

This is an app that every freelancer needs. It helps you calculate how much you can charge for your creative services by taking under account factors like the project, client, location, as well as your education and experience.


14. Mint

We have talked in detail why how important it is for designers to keep finances under control in one of our article. Here is Mint to help you track, budget, and manage your money all in one place to let you see where you’re spending and where you can save. All you have to do is simply create a free account, add your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts and Mint will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions. Best of all it is safe, secure and easy to use.


15. PayPal

This is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Paypal is one service,we all are well acquainted with. With the help of this app users can easily send and request money, manage their account and other similar activities can be done easily.


Whether you’re designing a website or handling any other project, these mobile apps for freelance designers are sure to prove useful in your various endeavours. If you are a freelance designer who knows about apps other than these do drop in the comment and share it with us.

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