Latest Free Ebooks for Developers

We can never underestimate the importance of books being the best way to increase our knowledge. However, in today’s technologically advanced era, the books have been replaced by electronic medium known by the name ebooks in digital terms. Each one of us no matter how many years we have spent in our fields seek help at one point or the other to enhance our skills, improve on our know-how and much more.

Designers and developers spend most of their time in front of their systems and fall short of time. Rarely, we see them with the books in hand instead they prefer reading online or checking out ebooks that serve as a good source of information without asking them to leave their laptops, desktops. They prefer ebooks for simple reason that can read them anytime in between their work.

The article of the day is going to be of help for all our developer friends who are in dire need of an ebook of their use but then due to shortage of time are unable to search one for themselves. We have tried to include latest free developer ebooks that can be downloaded easily . Take a look at the below listed best free ebooks for developers. Also, don’t forget to check our article Useful Websites to Learn Ruby on Rails in which we tried to add best websites that ensure to make developers learn Ruby on Rails and other article having collection of latest free ebooks for designers.

Latest Free Ebooks for Developers

1. Android on x86: An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel Architecture

This is a one-stop guide for mindful programming and unique challenges that arises from x86 architectures.


2. Windows Phone 8 Development Succinctly

Windows Phone 8 Development Succinctly is an ebook by Matteo Pagani. It helps developers in creating a Hello World app, manage network data usage, enable users to talk to their application through speech APIs, and earn money through in-app purchases.  Available for free, this ebook is a practical approach to Windows Phone 8 development.


3. The WordPress E-commerce Opportunity

E-commerce which lot many people find complicated is no more! Doing e-commerce with WordPress goes easy with this ebook, in which authors have outlined how WordPress developers can specialize in e-commerce and take advantage of the growing need for e-commerce.


4. AngularJS Succinctly

Written by Frederik Dietz AngularJS Succinctly outlines common tasks and challenges for developers using Angular.js. This ebook is a reference that clearly outlines a variety of challenges, their solutions and technical explanations for how the challenges are overcome. Do not forget to check out our jQuery section where you will find latest jQuery plugins of each week.


5. Essential Career Advice for Developers

Written by Cory Miller, Essential Career Advice for Developers is an ebook that helps users connnect, adapt and thrive in startups and organizations so that software that changes the world can be built.


6. Programmer’s Motivation for Beginners

As the name clearly says, this is an ebook that comprises of advices, useful and practical information for the novice developers who wish to begin but are confused as to how to kickstart.


7. HTML5: An Introduction

This ebook promises to help you learn why HTML5 is important and discover how to start developing with it easily and as early as today.


8. Coding with JRebel: Java Forever Changed

With JRebel, developers get to see their code changes immediately, fine-tune their code with incremental changes, debug, explore and deploy their code with ease. This ebook is genuinely worth reading.


9. Developers Hate Marketing

This e-book describes how to face the challenge of drawing developers to your API and avoid the common mistakes to avoid when designing the developer programs.


10. Android Mobile Application from A to Z

Learn how to develop mobile application for the Android platform with the help of this ebook that is an extensive guide. It provides a reference to the Android platform as well as a look at developing your first Android application. Also, explore top 10 features for developers as well as learn design and development tips that go beyond the phone and target tablet development as well. 


There is undoubtedly myriad of free ebooks available for designers and developers over internet. Today, we compiled the list of best free ebooks for developers. Soon, we will be coming up with the list of useful free ebooks for designers too.

Hope you like this bunch of ebooks that have been completely written on the particular subject to help resolve your issues incase you get stuck besides promising to enhance your knowledge and skills.


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