20 Latest Free Business Card PSD Templates

No matter how technologically advanced we have gone and print media seems to have suffer with the internet being the top priority of every individual, the fact remains that it has not come to an end. Instead with the evolution of tech media, print media has got a great boost as it provides a great support. How? Well, this can be easily explained with an example.

Business card designs were never so creative and unique as they are today. What has changed the way these are designed and finally given shape? Indeed our web world that is full of options, resources available to make the designers think and work towards creating the stupendous business cared designs.

The confidence which the business/company owners feel at the time of handling the unique and creative business card gives a positive impression to the clients and is genuinely worth it. The business card designs that are simple (without any creativity) might appear dull and boring therefore get ignored and kept here and there which directly effects your business.

If the client gets the good impression about your company in the first go, it is definitely going to help you get good business. I am not at all saying that the business card design is just the important thing to get you business, but then we definitely can’t ignore its importance besides other factors that contribute in convincing your clients to sign the deal and give you business.

Now that we have talked  in detail about the importance of business card designs, it is not feasible for all businesses to get photograph their work, here is when free business card PSD templates and mockups come into play. Free PSD business cards that are designed in the quest to help designers come up with unique business cards are always welcome.

Here, we have done the hard work for you all and prepared the list of latest free business card PSD templates. We hope you enjoy the list of beautifully designed free business card PSD templates. Take a look!

20 Latest Free Business Card PSD Templates

1. Creative & Clean Business Card Template


1. Free Print Bundle from Jumbo Design

JumboDesign came up with useful resources for designers that not only included two creative free business card psd templates but also two flyer templates that are fully editable and free to use.


2. Free Orange Business Card Template

Webvilla shared minimal free business card template that offers a perfect blend of orange and black color theme. You can download it freely and use for commercial and personal purpose.


3. Free Colorful Business Card Template

Another beautifully designed colorful free business card template available on WebVilla that you can use for personal or commercial purpose.


4. Free Contrasting Modern Corporate Business Card Template

A good design is always appreciable and we spotted this clean free corporate business card template at BusinessCardJournal. Business card design is simply stunning with the use of orange and black color. You can also place the QR code if you want.


5. Free Retro Business Card Template

If retro is your style, check this free retro business card template that you can download from Pixeden for your business. We showcased this business card template as we loved the fonts and traced line on the borders. Please note that this template is available in AI format so make sure to open in Adobe Illustrator.


6. Free Photography Business Card Template

Photography is a creative business so you have to make sure that your business card looks creative too. RobbyDesigns at DeviantArt has shared one of the best free photography business card template that is one-sided and elegant enough to wow your photography clients.


7. Free Facebook Business Card Template

If you love social networking site Facebook, this free business card template is for you. Designed by Mohammad Ali Nemati, the back side looks exactly like your Facebook profile with your profile and cover photo.


8. Free Unique Postcard Inspired Business Card Template

If your client has stationery, office supplies or courier related business, you can use this free postcard inspired business card template that is available for free and commercial use.


9. Free Creative Business Card Template

A unique color combination free business card template is available for free download that you can use for various clients such as real estate, agency, photography or freelancing.


10. Free Clean & Professional Business Card Template

What else you need if business card you design sporting green and black color theme? If you love the idea, click on photo and download fully editable free business card template from BusinessCardJournal.


11. Free Business Card Template – Red Tie

A beautifully design business card template that are available for free download from CursiveQDesigns. A perfect business card design for corporates and you have 4 color options to choose from.


12. Free Colorful Business Card Template

Flat design is in these days and if your client wants flat business card design, check out this free flat corporate business card template that has pink, yellow, cyan and white colors and can be used for Agency, Photography or Personal purpose.


13. Free Clean White Business Card Design Template

Here’s the free minimal white business card template that you download from ArenaReviews. The file contains 2 PSD files with white,boston blue, mantis & granny smith color scheme.


14. Free White Retro Business Card Template with QR Code

ArenaReviews has some cool collection of free business card templates and we loved this one the most because of its simplicity and unique layout. If you are looking to create visiting card for personal or business use, please check this once.


15. Chocho Free Business Card Template

Another free business card template spotted at BusinessCardsZone that you can download if your client loves elegant and retro design. It will look elegant when printed on texture paper.


16. Free Modern QR Code Corporate Business Card Template

Perfect design for creating corporate business cards that comes with two variations of cool and warms colors.


17. Free Professional Business Card

If you are looking to design business card for a consulting company, then this free professional business card could end your search. A black color business card with minimalist design will surely wow your client. Available free to download  at BusinessCardsZone.


18. Free Ai Business Card Template

Want to give luxury touch to you business card design. Download free black color business card template with minimalist design from VectorizeImages and give luxury look.


19. Free Black and White Corporate Business Card Template

Let’s just admit that black and white color combination makes everything looks elegant. So, if black and white is your color, head on to BusinessCardJournal and download the below free corporate business card template.

2014-04-01 02.53.06 pm

20. Free Stylish & Modern Tab Design Business Card Template

Here’s another free modern business card template that has one of a kind design featuring blend of black, white and peachy pink colors with a creative modern tab design.

2014-04-01 02.56.20 pm

Surely, you all will agree that nowadays it’s not enough for business card to just present a person’s contact details and information instead it has to reflects your style and uniqueness. Choose you PSD business card template for yourself and get a business card that is trendy and a memorable one. Believe me these free business card PSD templates will help in impressing the clients and do justice to the efforts made on your part.


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