Important Elements of Successful E-commerce Site

Talk about what’s the secret mantra of making a website successful, and you will get hundreds and thousands of articles floating all over the web providing the tips and tricks that work in favor. Right? Superb design, useful content, great graphics and nice layout, easily readable text, right type of font usage, easy navigation and many more like these contribute in making a website successful. These are the attributes or what we call the essential elements of successful websites. Which one of these do you think is the part of an e-commerce website?

E-commerce, in the recent years has seen a boom as these days, as we are getting addicted to online shopping. The ease and comfort of picking up the articles of your choice has made e-commerce industry sweep in our lives in a very fast pace. Therefore, it has become important to focus on the essential elements of making e-commerce websites a success. User-friendliness you all know is the key attribute of any kind of website. So is the case with e-commerce websites.

Your website showcases the products and services you offer, so it is important to get the design and functionality right. There are few main characteristics of building a great e-commerce site. Let us take a look at the elements, traits, features or attributes or whatever you call them that contribute in making an e-commerce website a successful endeavour.

Elements of Successful E-commerce Site

1. Responsive Design

Flipkart advertisement that is running on television these days shows how a husband orders anniversary gift for his wife (a bag) easily through his mobile. In today’s hi-tech era where one can access websites, order stuff and much more right in the palms who would wait to go back to the desktop, laptops to open up a website and access various websites. Responsive designing is the latest trend that doesn’t seem to have a bad future in the coming years for the very simple reason that mobile phone are no more just for calling or answering the calls or messaging instead much more. We have talked in detail about the 6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014 in one of our article.

E-commerce websites that have responsive design to ease the access from any gadget like mobile phones, tablets and likewise are getting excellent response and proving to be more successful than the ones that are not. Responsive design is one important element of successful e-commerce website building.


2. Mobile and Tablet Compatibility

Pardon me for pointing this one out as it is somewhat similar to that responsive designing but is important element worth mentioning. Responsive designing is the way of future. In today’s competitive era, you need to focus on mobile and tablet compatibility. An increasing number of companies over the last few years that have designed website specifically for mobiles and tablets have seen their sales going up compared to those that did not.


3. Clear Logo

Whether you are a startup or a branded store, a remarkable logo is like a business card that speaks a lot. When it comes to online shopping, a recognizable logo is an element of trust. So, a nice and clear logo design is of utmost importance.


4. Deals, Free-Shipping And Offers

Being a big time shopaholic I can tell you how good it feels to get offers and good deals. When the online stores started charging for the shipping, it was such a bad feeling. Free-shipping, offers and various deals are genuinely attractive for online shopaholics. It might not be an important element on designing part but I felt it worth mentioning so included it in the list.


5. Easy Navigation

Users tend to leave the website as soon as they find any website difficult to navigate. Your e-commerce website can be a success if you focus on navigation to make it easier for the viewer/customer to get what s(he) is looking for. For more tips on user navigation, check out useful tips to create better user navigation.


6. Speedy Loading

We personally, hate waiting for any website to open and when it comes to online-shopping we just can’t resist checking out as many options (in terms of e-commerce websites). Users tend to abandon web pages that take more time to load which increases the bounce rate thereby leading to effecting the website badly.

If you ignore the loading time feature and don’t consider it to be important definitely it is going to leave a bad impression and people will leave the website not to come back again; who has time to wait for a particular website to load.


7. E-Commerce Icons

There are innumerable e-commerce icons available on the web, choose wisely to suit your website design making it easier for the user to understand what a particular icon means. From payment icons to cart, deals, price tags and likewise should be chosen with extra care keeping the target audience in mind.


8. Social Media Links

None of us today can ignore or underestimate the importance of social media, right? From Facebook, Twitter to other social media links, these are all consider to be the ideal source of increasing the sales. Many a times, I end up buying stuff not by going through the online store and checking out instead while surfing my Facebook account where I come across really attractive buys.


9. Online Chat, Phone Numbers, E-mails

All the blogs and other websites have this contact us page and you know the reason. Incase of e-commerce websites, including the online chat option, customer care support, phone numbers and other means of communication make it easier for the consumers to  get the answers of their queries.


10. Shopping Cart, Login, Register, Search Box

All these features should be included in an e-commerce website making it easier for the users to access and buy stuff from your online store.

11. Blog

This might sound a fuss to have a blog for your e-commerce website but is genuinely worth making the effort. E-commerce websites that blog have more indexed pages than those that do not have a blog. Blogging you all know helps with SEO enabling you to get traffic thereby increasing your leads.

Some people find it crazy to have a blog for the e-commerce websites but its definitely not. Blogs you can say are assets of e-commerce websites, its a place where you can provide your consumers with relevant research information about the products, read reviews and get all the relevant details they seek to get.


12. Easy Payment

Definitely this is one of the most important element of a successful e-commerce website. We all love it if we get the ease of payment while buying the stuff online. Focus on this element too while building an e-commerce website.


13. Trustmarks

No matter how small, these might appear to be but the trustmarks are a sign security, guarantee leaving the impression on the consumer that its safe to shop from your online store. Trustmarks that come from Network solutions, McAfee, Verisign, BBB, TRUSTe, GeoTrust can be included as these  are accreditation certificates that give customers a sense of security and gives them confidence in sharing their private information.


To wrap up, apart from the elements listed above, clear design, convenient menus, detailed product descriptions and user reviews all play a vital role in making any e-commerce website a success. Have any other point that you think could be added (incase I missed out any)? Do share it with us.


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