How to Design Eye-Catching Landing Pages

Landing pages shouldn’t be ordinary. Customers must find websites attractive if they are going to buy products.  The landing pages of e-commerce sites should have enticing images and product reviews to inspire online customers to visit the sites and increase the SERP rates as well. There are different ways to design a website. Get to know them and customers will come in droves

Make sure Content is Precise to Optimize the Landing Page

Customers are very busy. They don’t want to read the vast content which is not interesting to reads.  So recap your purposes and vision within short framework.  In the landing page, you should do the content precision for the sake of winning trust from customers to check your site.  Your landing page must be easy to open.  There will be couple of easy steps to have codes to enter into the main home page to see the ads.  So make your home page lustrous and brilliant in colors. At the same time, the home page will have the faster online free registration and on-spot account opening option.   Follow the tagline setting procedures used by Verizon and Google.   Instead of opting for different taglines shorten up the process by using the same words to click the mouse on the ads.  For making the whole site checking process easier, install the videos for online guidance and demos.  The visual display is more helpful to customers to understand about the product selling procedures.

Highlight the Product Promotion Message

Don’t make the hotchpotch by lengthening the size of the content with advertisements.  When someone clicks the landing page, there will be a single statement with the button to go to the next step to complete the procedures. So the long and difficult sentences will divert the customers.   It will bring down the SERP rates of your site.  Try to put focus on the main message or theme to make your visitors understand what you need to deliver through your site.

Transparent Home Page Design   

Make the texture of the landing page of your e-commerce portal is clean with vast white space for visual attraction.  If your home page is overloaded and stuck with the content and images without black space, the visual panorama of the landing page will be lost to discourage others.  Sweet and catchy slogans and small quotations are very enjoyable to read.  Young site visitors like to see the beautiful pictures with short headings or key phrases to know about the products.  Your site decoration must be decent without lackluster.  Y our landing page must have proper bullet points in series, sub headings and taglines.

Authenticity Cues/Logos

The site visibility must be long lasting to help your online business running smoothly.  Online visitors grow confidence to check the sites, if they come into contact with colorful logos, cues and trade marks.  The logos represent the companies.   Trade marks are the registered seals approved by the government enhance the fairness in commercial deals.   Company’s goodwill depends on the foundations of honesty, fairness and transparency in running the business.  Design your landing page by installing the colorful logos and cues.

Perfect Color Matching to Design Sites

Select the preferable and matching colors to optimize the home page.  Use the bold and light colors in different contexts to design the websites.  For example, highlight the important messages and bullet points in bold dazzling colors.   Use the bright color to design the call to action button to attract the viewers.  Colors are vehicles of expressing different feelings and emotions clearly.  Use the light orange or blue color to create the full screen image to design the home page.  The decent color contrast makes the home page natural and vibrant.

Do Perfect Layouts

Readers must feel soothed when they check the home page.   The top to bottom of the home page must be glossy with readable content.  Place the major buttons on the top or in front to entice viewers to read the information.  Less important buttons must be placed in series.  For  flexibility  to use the buttons,  keep the  call to action button to the left side.  Place the header and offer buttons on the right side.

Home page designing undergoes a rapid change.  Landing pages must be attractive and of course flexible. Customers have the easy steps to review the site online.  Smooth web page designing and site optimization ensures better media exposure to promote business online.

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