How to Choose Right Color Scheme for your Website

Designing might sound to be interesting which people love for one good reason that any project asks the designer to be cautious of few things to ensure the success in the endeavour. Easy navigation, right type of font, right color scheme and other factors contribute in making the website designing successful.

Recently, we talked about How to Choose the Right Font for your Next Design ProjectUseful Tips to Create Better User Navigation and today we are here with the tips to help our designer friends choose the right color scheme for website.

In our today’s article, we will provide you with information on the psychology of colors. Below we will mention certain tips to help you understand the latest color psychology trends in website design and pick the right color for any website design thereby provoking a strong psychological impact on people’s behavior

Now, the question arises as to why is it important to understand the psychology of colors and effectively use them. Firstly, it helps you send a positive message increase sales, improve your advertising and encourage customers to come back to your website by leaving an ever lasting impression. Read on!

How to pick the right color scheme for your web page is not the rocket science if you understand the selection process and the logic behind. For logo of your website you can go for one of the existing color within your logo, for title of the article you can pick the color from within the logo design which will gel well besides giving your website a professional look

Before you select the colors for your website design ask yourself few questions : 

Firstly, who are  your potential visitors ? Secondly, what are your products or services? And what are your site’s key objectives?

Things to consider while making color selection for your website : 

1. First of all does the website you are designing need to sync with an existing color scheme which might be according to the brand name, logo or anything related to the identity of the business.

2. Secondly, what’s the main aim of designing a website.

3. What will be the content of your website. The color scheme should match your images and content.

Number of Colors To Be Used ? 

See, the preferred number of colors that should be used in a website is three as it becomes easier to keep them in harmony. More the number colors picked more there will be complications in keeping them in harmony.

How to get Variety with three colors? 

Now that you know that it is good to pick three colors doesn’t mean you can play with them. You can actually go for shading them to differentiate them without disturbing the harmony of three color balance.

Free Tools To Choose The Right Color Scheme 

Luckily, there are good number of free color scheme tools that promise to help you choose the right color for your website, few of the ones that are worth trying are :

1. Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer is one cool tool that is worth trying out as it provides six models from which one can starting with a mono selection to the accented analogic model. After you have selected the model and primary color, you can easily take a look at the preview and bookmark the current Scheme ID after which you can check the lighter or darker page. Features like randomizing the palette, colorblind settings, export the scheme as an HTML+CSS table with style sheet make it the right pick to check the color that can be used.


2. Colors On The Web

The Color Wizard is one cool color matching application that lets users to create designs with great looking colors. Users can easily submit the base color and automatically returns the matching colors for the one you selected.


3. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a flash-based library of professional color themes. You’ll need to register and get an Adobe account to use this tool but its free of cost. 


The list doesn’t end here, infact there are more and more good tools that promise to choose the right color scheme for your website. We have tried to list down all important tips along with 3 free color tools for designers to help you make the right color selection while designing your website. If you have any other point or suggestion that can be informative and helpful, drop in your comments. We would love to hear your say!


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