How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes

With the ever increasing craze of entering the creative world of designing, photography and likewise, Photoshop that is one powerful tool is being widely used and loved for miscellaneous good reasons. From print designers to photographers to app developers and others, Photoshop is being made optimum use of to give shape to the ideas that keep popping up in the minds of creative geniuses.

When we say, Photoshop comes with an amazing range of features it like a feel good factor but then the complexity it comes with for the use of right kind of tool at the right place. Designers, photographers and artists are aware of the Photoshop tools and features but sometimes make mistakes that make their entire efforts go down the drain.

That’s why it’s important for the users to learn the tools in Photoshop that are actually used for designing websites, software and likewise. Do you all know what are the mistakes that not only the beginners instead sometimes even professionals make unintentionally? We are going to list down the common Photoshop mistakes that many people commit along with the smart ways to avoid them.

1. Not Knowing The Shortcuts

Knowing the shortcuts ensure you get the work done the right way in comparatively lesser amount of time.  Not just for designers, knowing the shortcuts and using them is the key for anyone who is using the computers. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that I came to know little late but on knowing them and using them I love the ease they provide while working. The very first key to smart work is knowing the shortcuts in Photoshop as it helps say time and energy. Not knowing the shortcuts is one mistake that lot many designers make. To avoid this mistake simple thumbs up rule is to spend some time and learn these shortcuts. Believe me, you will feel good when you start using the shortcuts. commom-photoshop-mistakes

2. Overuse of Filters

Newbies tend to enjoy usage of filters to an extent that they don’t realise where to draw the line resulting in the overuse. Undoubtedly filters are fun and easy to use but then going over the board is not welcomed. Overuse of filters can produce the opposite effect giving the picture an amateurish look. commom-photoshop-mistakes

3. Underestimating The Use of Layers and Folders

All those of you who are well acquainted with layers know how important it is to use layers that make it easier to edit, copy and likewise. Beginners tend to miss out creating enough layers only to regret it later. Using the layers and folders help a great deal but then it is also important to organise the layers and structure them into folders properly.

4. Too Much of Retouching

One of my friend who is much acquainted with Photoshop now, I have seen him getting overzealous with retouching using airbrush. Be it removing clutter from a landscape or smoothening someone’s skin, users tend to get carried away with retouching. It is good once in a while but going over the board is one mistake that should be avoided. commom-photoshop-mistakes

5. Not Saving The Work

Initially when I started writing, I never understood how important it is to save the work done. It happened many a times when I had done all the hard work and in the end when I thought my work is done, due to power failure or net disconnection problem I lost all my work. Gosh it was such a weird situation! It was then that I realised how important it is to save the work in between. Same is the case with anyone who is working on Photoshop. Many people keep working and struggling hard to get the desired results and in the end for some reason loose their entire work. It is suggested to save your work in between not just once but each time you move a step further. commom-photoshop-mistakes

6. Overusing CMYK

Those who are well acquainted with Photoshop know what CMYK is. Many believe it to be always the best option for print work but its not. Designing in CMYK mode in Photoshop is not always the best way out instead it should be used only when needed. Avoid the over usage of CMYK mode while handling different projects. commom-photoshop-mistakes

7. Working in 72dpi

Designers well know that Photoshop’s default resolution is 72dpi which is good for web but for print design it shouldn’t be opted for. Users should make sure to check the dpi and set it correctly before starting off any design project.

8. Using Desaturate To Convert Images To Black and White

There is a normal tendency to use desaturate for converting images to black and white. It is suggested not to do this instead go for Channel Mixer that will help you get richer and brighter images comparative to the ones done using desaturate. I agree that it is bit complicated process to use channel mixer that lets you get the amazing results.

9. Overusing Stock Imagery

Relying too much on stock imagery is not the right thing to do. Its ok to go for stock photography at times but not always. It should be done only when there is some relevancy and is much needed

10. Not Trying Out Other Photo Editing Tools

Photoshop indeed is one of the most powerful editing tool but then there is no dearth of more tools. Apps such as Sketch can help you get the desired results. You every time don’t need to use Photoshop for everything. commom-photoshop-mistakes We have listed some of the really common mistakes that designers, photographers and artists commit unintentionally but should be avoided at any cost. So, now when you know what common Photoshop mistakes make your designs appear amateurish make sure you avoid them at any cost to get the desired results which are certain to be visually stunning. Hope this article will prove useful for you and we have many other useful Photoshop related articles that you can check out.

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