Fresh Tools of the Week [5th October – 10th October]

Fresh tools of the week seem to have been proving to be of great help for our designer and developer friends. With the competition increasing each day, our designer and developer friends are undergoing a great pressure to come up with something unique, appealing, magnetizing design/or development project.

While handling various kind of designing and developing projects, there are various free resources, tools apps, online tools that can be of their help in terms of making their job easier and less time consuming. Here is when our weekly and monthly compilations of lately rolled out tools come into play.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Random Gradient Generator

Random Gradient Generator is a tool that helps simplify the job of rolling the dice to get a gradient that is created by two randomly generated colors and what you get as a result is surprisingly awesome.


2. Dedesign the Web 2

This is a fun game that lets users to test their knowledge of the structure of different sites based on their wireframes. It’s a fun way to pass a little time but luckily only 12 sites are included, so you won’t waste too much time.


3. Gerstnerizer

This is a simple tool for creating patterns based on a variety of dot grids. It lets you create square girds, triangle grids and hexagon grids with varying spacing horizontally, vertically, and diagonally thereafter connecting the dots.


4. Font Family Reunion

Font Family Reunion is is the table that shows you which default local fonts work on each of the major platforms. All you need to do is simply type in a font-family name and it will show you whether it’s supported, aliased or not available.


5. UX Companio

This is one handy glossary for designers. It comprises of common UX terms, theories, tools,and principles at your fingertips.


6. Adobe Color CC

Capture color inspiration with the cool Adobe Color CC. This tool helps users in generate color themes wherever inspiration strikes.


7. Thought Plan

Thought Plan is one minimalistic tool that helps in planning projects, organizing thoughts and storing simple documents.


8. TrackDuck

This is a visual feedback for web design and development. An ultimate tool fr designers and developers. From mockups to live websites, TrackDuck covers all your feedback needs.


9. SweetAlert

With just few lines of codes, you can use SweetAlert to design and make replacement message boxes for various kinds of messages.


10. Remarkable

This is one free markdown editor for Linux. You get to see the Live Preview  where you can see your changes as you make them. Remarkable has a simple, easy to learn syntax with features like check-lists, highlighting, links, images and many more.


Which one of these tools is of your use? Have you already used any of them? Do share your views with us by leaving your comments below.

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