Fresh Tools of the Week [5th July – 11th July]

Every article I write ends up with a question as to what do you all feel about the particular article and the listcile or what so ever and article revolves around. But this time I wish to change the order and ask you this question before I begin the article.

Are these fresh tools, apps and websites we are coming up with each passing week and month solving the purpose and meeting your expectations. We indeed make great efforts to look for them and compile the list but then if they are doing the needful only then our efforts pay off.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. For now, check out our weekly update of fresh tools and apps for designers and developers along with the preceding five weeks’ lists of the same incase you missed out any.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Tavern

Have your say about the product design with Tavern which is formerly known by the name Forrst. Its the latest private release from Zurb. Here designers can share their experiences, get feedback and validation from the community and share their opinions on design too.


2. Google Domains

Google Domains as the name hints is the place that gives you the option to go online easily. Its a new domain name service that is set to launch from Google as it is in private beta currently. Presently, there are no words on pricing Free private registration, easy domain forwarding, branded emails and likewise are the cool features that is it expected to come endowed with.


3. DevShelf

DevShelf is a community driven reading shelf that is a modern web application that helps developers get the relevant information regarding various development technologies. Its the community by the people for the people.


4. Odyssey

Odyssey is an application that enables users to create interactive stories easily. All you got to do is pick  template, craft a story and leave the rest on Odyssey to do. All in all, its a simple way for journalists, designers, and creators to weave interactive stories.


5. Coleure

Made by Rolando Murillo and Giorgio Leveroni, Coleure is a color picker with a curated color stack that is inspired by Pantone. Users need to simply drag a color to the side to add it to their palette, copy the values (HEX, RGB, or HSL) using cmd+c or ctrl+c, and take a look at how the color that you have selected compares or mixes with other colors.


6. ArnoldC

ArnoldC is a programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one liners. Well documented on Github, with an overview of the keywords and how they’re translated, ArnoldC is one smart choice.


 7. Sip

Sip is a simple OS X app that enables users to sample and encode any color on their screen with ease. All you got to do is choose the color model they want, grab color from any pixel on their screen, and paste the color code into the code editor. Sounds interesting, huh!


8. Fleck

Get inspired! See the world through remarkable moments and beautiful design with Fleck that is a free iOS app. It lets you find inspiration from all over on your iPhone or iPad. You simply need to sign up with Facebook or email, browse subjects of your interest and go on. Also, you can upload your own images to inspire others.


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next week’s update of the fresh tools and apps for designers and developers. We will keep you posted!


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