Fresh Tools of The Week [3rd May-9th May]

From Background Burner to Isomer, Triangly, and Project Parfait this week’s list of fresh tools includes some useful and cool ones that we found worth sharing with our designers and developer friends for these claim to be the useful in best way possible.

Sit back and scroll down to check them out but before that we recommend you all to click the links pinned below incase you missed them out. Believe me it will worth spending time. We have listed down 13 online tools, apps and websites for you all to make optimum use of them and enjoy the ease.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Background Burner

Background Burner is a tool that lets users remove backgrounds from images in no time eliminating the need to make extra efforts.



Web data extraction made easy with The App transforms almost any website into a table of data or a Structured API in minutes without even writing any code.


3. Captain Icon

Captain Icon is a set of over 350 free vector icons available for mobile and website designs. They can be scaled to any size without compromising on quality. The vector icons are available in a variety of formats (including EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, and Web Font).


4. Isomer

Isomer is an isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas licensed for free under the MIT License. It includes classes for Shape, Point, and Color, and is divided into three basic components for easy use.


5. Project Parfait

Project Parfait is a beta project from Adobe that enables users to easily extract whatever you need from your PSDs right in your browser. You can add extra color, gradient, and font information, copy text and CSS, save web-optimized images, and much more with this tool that is created keep designers in mind.


6. iOS 7 UI Kit Photoshop Action Set 

Designed by Jeremy Paul, the iOS7 UI kit Photoshop action set is an ideal pick for designers that are planning to created iOS 7 app mockups in Photoshop. It helps create iPhone mockup for your wireframes, design mockups, and much more.


7. JS Manners 

JS Manners is an online tool for scoring scripts that third parties provide. These scripts can save you a lot of time and provide features on your site.


8. Gumby

Gumby is an amazing responsive CSS Framework that help developers get right framework that allows them to throw a beautiful, responsive website together in virtually no time.


9.  Triangly

Triangly i a website that lets designers build a portfolio for their work just by simply adding their files to Dropbox, with no limits on how many projects they are allowed to include. 


10. Metalsmith

Metalsmith is a pluggable static site generator in which all of the logic is handled by plugins that you simply chain together to ease the work. 


11. Iconion 

Iconion is an icon generator that enables users to convert any icon font into PNG icons by adding color, shadows, backgrounds, gradients and much more.


 12. Brick

Brick is a tool that provides web fonts that are visually appealing. This is an open source and fonts are served through Fastly’s industry-leading CDN.


13. Devcasts

Devcasts is a hand picked developer screen casting tool that lets users discover quality screencasts and become a better developer.


 How did you find these tools for designers and developers that are lately been rolled out to the best of our knowledge. Wish to add any such tool to the list? Drop in your comments below.


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