Fresh Tools of the Week [30th August – 5th September]

Designers and developers sometimes keep wondering as to how they can proceed incase they get stuck. Here is when they think of seeking help. For this very reason, with each passing day tools applications, software and websites are being introduced. This is yet another list of fresh tools and apps that we have prepared for you all for the first week of September for you all to take a look and enjoy the availability.

We ensure to make the list that all our readers appreciate for the quality not quantity. So, the number keeps varying depending upon the selection process for which there is no compromise. Here’s this week’s list of fresh tools and applications that we have prepared for your reference. Take a look!

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Writefully

Writefully is a tool that makes it easier for the user to publish the content on their blog or website. Developers are sure to love the tool for the fact that it helps make their workflow easier.  It can be used on two ways that is by generating a brand new application or integrating it into an existing application.


2. Sweep

sweep.js is a small lightweight JavaScript library that does the proper color transitions through the HSL and HUSL spaces in simple and visually appealing manner.


3. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a mobile framework that lets you build a mobile application using web HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Besides lets users enhance their performance.


4. Markdown

Markdown is an HTML to Markdown converter written in JavaScript. It is the simplified way of writing for the web that when compiled into HTML format with the appropriate wrapping elements will give the desired results.


5. Slap Editor

Slap is a sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make easy editing. The tool comes with an immense range of cool features that together make it the right pick.


6. WordPress Theme Search

WordPress Theme Search is a free online tool that enables users to detect what WordPress theme a site uses in simple and easier manner.  Also, it detects what WordPress Plugins are being used on a particular website.


7. Patternbolt

This is a collection of SVG patterns that come in CSS or SCSS file. The backgrounds on your website can be easily implemented through the drop-in classes.


Which of the above tools or apps served your purpose? Have any such cool tool you can suggest to be included in our upcoming list? Do share it with us. We would love to share it with our designer and developer friends.


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