Fresh Tools of the Week [29th November – 5th December]

So, the new month has begun and we have bid farewell to the second last month of the year 2014. December is the month that brings in with it lot many emotions. People begin introspection on to the year gone by and plan for the fresh start. Designers and developers, with each passing time keep wondering if they would ever be able to see the kind of resources that will help them in their designing and developing projects.

Without the resources be it premium ones or the free ones, it is certain that the problem of handling different tasks would become difficult. The thumb rule is to find the right type of resources that you think would help. However, there are oodles of the tools, apps and websites available which makes it a time consuming job to find the appropriate one. We at TheNeoDesign make an effort to help you all to make the selection process easier. How? You all know it by now!

Each week we come up with the list of best of the rest functionally smart tools for designers and developers. How about checking out this week’s list of fresh tools, apps and websites? Take a look!

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. UXBullshit

I am sure you all must have come across the quotes stating the do’s, suggestions and likewise. The fact remains that not all of the advices given are right. UX Bullshit does the job of helping you understand the right and the wrong in UI designing. It catalogs all the crap UX gurus say (that is impressive but is bullshit) that drive a lot of UX designers crazy.


2. Materialup

This is a design gallery that showcases material design examples from around the web and this is done on the daily basis. The material designs include mobile apps, websites and concepts that you can browse easily.


3. juliusjs

juliusjs is a speech recognition library for the web. What it does is that it actively listens to the user to transcribe what they are saying through a callback.


4. Flow

This is a static type checker for JavaScript. With it common bugs in JavaScript programs can be detected. Besides, it adds type syntax to JavaScript enabling developer to express invariants about their code and have them maintained automatically.


5. Guide to Usability Testing

The Guide to Usability Testing is a free ebook by UXPin. This comprises of 109 pages of tips, tactics, and expert advice for designers and product managers to understand their target audience’s behaviours, what they say, what they do.


6. Pawnmail

Pawnmail by Andrew Belt helps give domain name owners a simple email solution for different web projects. With it users can easily register their domain and manage it well.


7. uiGIFs

By registering at uiGIFs, you get animated UI inspiration in your inbox every Monday. The website showcases new user interfaces in the form of animated GIFs.


8. Monodraw

Monodraw is a powerful ASCII art editor designed for the Mac. This is a tool that is powered by a custom CoreText-based text engine giving you precise control over the layout. Users can easily adjust the alignment, position, line sweep direction and line movement. All thanks to this wonderful tool named Monodraw.


9. Barekit

Barekit is a front-end project starter that’s a structural guide that helps uses in initiating their projects within no time.


That’s all for this week. We will keep you all posted with the more useful resources that will be introduced this week. Not only this, TheNeoDesign has lot more stuff in store for you all. Stay updated by checking out our website on the daily basis!

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