Fresh Tools of the Week [28th June-4th July]

With the world of design and development making an immense improvement there are certain resources that developers and designers are relying on. From tools, apps and websites there are many such resources that are being rolled out to help make their tasks easier, speedy and hassle-free.

In the quest to make the tasks of our designer and developer friends easy and less time consuming, we keep coming up with the list of best and latest tools from which they can choose as per their need. Here is the list of tools, websites and apps for that we have compiled for this week along with five weeks’ lists which we have published on our blog. Pardon us for not updating you all with the fresh tools and apps of last weeks.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. PlayCanvas

PlayCanvas is the world’s easiest WebGL Game Engine that is free open source and is backed by amazing developer tools.


2. Persistent Color Picker

Persistent Color Picker is an app for Mac that gives the default OS X Color Picker its own window. With it switching between applications becomes easy.


3. Scribe

Scribe is a rich text editor framework that is built and open-sourced by The Guardian. The main purpose of this tool is to patch for browser inconsistencies. Besides, it includes sensible defaults.


4. Simple Sharing Buttons Generator 

With Simple Sharing Buttons Generator users can easily create HTML sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more. Users can easily choose from different styles available and the best part is that it’s completely free.


5. Griddify

Griddify is a tool that makes it speedy and easy for users to create custom grid systems with vertical rhythm in Photoshop. The Photoshop works in CS6/CC. 


6. Tumblr Boilerplate

Tumblr boilerplate is the simple basis that helps in creating amazing tumblr theme. It includes post type support, it’s HTML5 based, and it’s optimized for speed.


7. Pho Devstack

Pho Devstack is an automated workflow for front-end developers. The website includes tools for compiling, minifying, CSS prefixing, and much more.


8. Filament

Filament is an app store for any website that lets users to easily install free apps on their site with a drag-and-drop interface without any code.


9. Dimensions Toolkit 

Dimensions Toolkit is a Chrome Extension that helps in testing responsive websites that works offline. Its a refresh-friendly and lets you add custom breakpoints. 


This certainly is not a long list but then each tool listed above is carefully handpicked to ensure these prove to be of help to designers and developers. Stay tuned for more updates on tools, apps and websites for designers and developers which we will be coming up next week.


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