Fresh Tools of the Week [27th September – 4th October]

Fresh tools, apps, websites that ensure to leave you all dazed with the ease their provide while you are wondering how to continue working on anything that makes you feel like scratching your head are more than welcome. Every now and then, ingenious minds out there keep working hard to make sure that the users don’t feel the pressure and can work easily on any kind of project.

Keeping the track of them all could be one time-consuming effort. This is why each week, we look for smart, new tools, applications or anything that promises to help our designer and developer friends to ease the work flow.

These tools are nothing less than a helping hand provided by the designers and developer. Continuing the trend of coming up with the best tools, apps and websites of the week that have just been introduced to help you make your pick, we are here with this week’s list. How about checking out preceding weeks’ listicles of the same incase you missed out any or forgot to save. Thereafter, take a look at the fresh tools of this week.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1.  Photospin

Imagine downloading 50 images per day starting at just $429.00 per year. Photospin lets you do it. No credits, no hidden fees. Quality images at an affordable price. Sign up for an annual subscription before October 31, 2014 and save 20%.  Promo code =NeoDesign20


2. CSS Guidelines

CSS Guidelines is a document by Harry Roberts. It is high-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS.


3.  Shrthnd

Shrthnd is an easy to use CSS shorthand web application that asks users to simply input standard CSS and Shrthnd will output a much shorter version which is easier to maintain and helps you keep your style-sheets as smaller as possible.

4. Gridlover

This is one free useful tool that lets you create a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. There is an adjustable CSS for font sizes, line heights and margins with default output that includes body, p, and h1-h4 that makes Gridlover the right tool to go for.


5. Flynn

Flynn is the single platform that ops can provide to developers for power production, testing and development thereby helping developers focus on their development projects without having to bother.


6. Aerobatic

Aerobatic is one single page app hosting that is built for front-end developers. Its one of the best places to deploy AngularJS, Ember, and Backbone apps. Sounds cool!


7. draGGradients

draGGradients is an online tool that lets users create custom #CSS radial-gradients by simply dragging their mouse.


8. Exercism

For developers, feedback from the peers, conversation with them is extremely important as it helps them grow and improve their ability to write code. Exercism is an  online portal for users to engage themselves in thoughtful conversations about code thereby improving software development.


Stay tuned for more updates of the fresh resourceful lists that we will be coming up. For now, leave a comment to know as to what you think of the tools that we have listed in our this weeks’ compilation.


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