Fresh Tools of the Week [27th December – 2nd January]

The new year has already begun and its the second day of the first month of the year 2015. Previously, we prepared a compilation of fresh tools of the second last week of the last month of the year 2014. With just few days left for the year 2014 to end and new beginnings, we had to compile the list of tools, apps and websites that were introduced in the first and second day of the new year along with the ones that were created in 2014.

However, each one of the tools listed here are fresh and functionally smart as all of them claim to help designers and developers in different projects.

Depending upon the need of the hour, you all can make your pick. Open up the link and check out detailed information, features and much more that will help you choose the best of the rest and as to which one would solve your purpose. Take a look at these fresh tools of the week!

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1. 7Theme

7Theme offers an incredible WordPress theme bundle: 50 WordPress themes for only $99 (original price: $2495). This is so far the biggest deal at the moment! All themes comes with free support, free updates for lifetime and a commercial license, so you can use the themes also for your clients.


2. SQLWave

SQLWave is a compact, fast and easy-to-use MySQL client that enables users to anywhere easily connect to their remote hosts. The best part is that supports all current and recent versions of MySQL, including its new features for managing database structure.


3. CSS Specificity Graph Generator

Spikes are bad and the general trend should be towards higher specificity later in the stylesheet. CSS Specificity is a graph generator that help users in generating proper graphs.


4. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a nice app that helps users in creating a personal website powered by the things you do online and the apps in use thereafter displaying data from each in simplified manner.


6. Lining.js

Lining.js is  a tool that gives you down-to-the-line control over CSS styling. Users can apply styles to specific lines much like the first-line CSS selector.


7. CSS Dig

CSS Dig is a Chrome extension that enables users to easily analyze their CSS in new ways. Besides, it helps in refactoring and consolidating it.


8. PaymentFont

PaymentFont is a sleek visually appealing webfont that comprises of 94 icons of all main payment operators and methods.


That’s all for this week. We will be coming up with the preceding month’s compilations of useful tools, apps and websites anytime soon. Keep yourself updated!

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