Fresh Tools of the Week [20th September – 26th September]

Another week another list of fresh tools, apps and websites that claim to help designers and developers to come up with the best results. The tools and apps that are being rolled out every now and then are created with the clear aim to help people ease their workflow. Why sit back and scratch your head wondering how a particular task will be done when there are many people already there to lend you all a helping hand.

From Website Speed Optimization to Palette Town and Pictura, there are many such useful tools that can be made optimum use of in various designing and development projects that help cut down extra time and effort which could be otherwise used for other productive endeavours.

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Sneak a peek at this weeks’ list of fresh tools and apps we have come up with.

Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Website Speed Optimization

All those who have online business know well the importance of overall performance. If your website has unimpressive performance, it is sure to kill the business. As a user, it is really torturous to wait for slow web pages to load. Here is a beginner’s guide to website speed optimization that is sure to help you come up with smart solutions that work in favor.


 2. Animated Background Headers

As we all know, full page background headers have been growing in popularity and animations bring them to the next level. This is a inspirational one stop destination that helps you witness some of the really amazing animated background header effects that are created with the help of canvas and Javascript.


3. Pictura

Pictura is a resourceful website that makes it easy for you all to search Flickr right from inside Photoshop and apply it instantly to your current project. Filters let you get exactly what you need and you need not download the images.


4. Fifty Three

Fifty  from Mix, is a new way to collaboratively create things with other people. You can sketch, design, write, and more, and then allow others to expand upon your ideas. It’s a great way to come up with new ideas, and to enhance your creativity.


5. Strut

Have to make a presentation? Think that you just have PowerPoint to get the presentation made? Well, no more, with an immense range of options available, you all can create impressive presentations that will help you leave an ever lasting impression on your clients and strut is one of them. Try it to see how nice results you get. best-designing-developing-tools

6. Palette Town

This is a website in which you will be able to get to know about all of the colours of a picture, simply by dragging and dropping that picture onto the page. When the picture lands on the page, the palette opens with all the colours. Click and you will be able to get the code.


7.  Min

This is the world’s smallest (995 bytes) CSS framework that ensure to make the websites look visually appealing. It works with IE5.5 and onward along with major browsers.


8. SVG Circus

SVG Circus is a website that lets users create cool animated SVG spinners, loaders and other looped animations in seconds.


9. Muzli

Muzli is the ultimate designer’s toolbox that’s a new tab chrome extension where users will get the freshest links about design and interactive from around the web.


Have any such tool worth sharing? Do let us know, we will be adding the same in our upcoming lists.

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