Fresh Tools of the Week [20th December – 26th December]

We have come to a point where, the year 2014 is soon going to end and we are all set to welcome the new year. Before, we bid farewell to the year, we have plans to leave you all dazed with an amazing range of the tools, plugins, useful resources,inspirational stuff and much more. However, we are not here with some monthly or yearly compilations but with the weekly list of fresh tools that we assure will prove to be of great help.

Each designing and developing project poses different levels of difficulty. Some projects are easy to handle and take less time, while on the other hand there are other projects that pose difficulties and ask the designers and developers to handle the situation well. Here comes the role of useful resources like tools and plugins.  The problem arises when the selection of the right kind of tool takes your toll. TheNeoDesign team makes efforts to help you all with the smart solutions in the form of weekly and monthly compilations.

Below is the weekly list of fresh tools that we have prepared for you all. From WinJS to Wysihtml Editor, Give ‘n’ Go, there are many more such tools that will be proving helpful for you all in handling projects with different levels of difficulty. Check them out.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. WinJS

WinJS is a Windows library for Javascript that helps developers to create apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript. This toolkit is not only helps you to create Windows apps but also comes handy when you create apps for your websites using HTML-based app technologies like Apache Cordova.


2. SpinKit

Spinkit is a website that has collection of simple loading spinners that uses CSS for animations. You can also create customized animations using CSS animations.


3. Designers:Watch

Made by Javin Ladish, this site is a curated list of documentaries that is must-see for every designers and artist. Just click on the title of any documentary and you will be headed to the links where you can watch it online.


4. Wysihtml Editor

An HTML rich text editor that is open-source and community developed that comes with advantages like fast and lightweight, auto-linking of URL’s as you type, valid and semantic HTML5, no jQuery and iFramed required and much more that maked this editor awesome.


5. Libscore

Want to know which top websites are using which Javascript libraries. If yes, Libscore is one place that helps you to scan the top millions sites, or you can search by library or by external script and let you know about Javascript library usage.


6. Free Workbook: How to Create The App Analytics Reports You Need

Getting best results from your apps is difficult when you don’t know how to use App analytics reports effectively. This free ebook from Localytics is written for app owners that’ll give you interactive way to identify, track and optimize for the app success metrics.

We have also listed free ebooks for mobile app developers some time before that might come handy for developing apps in future.


7. Give ‘n’ Go

This website is a gallery of Dribbble shots that reworked as interactive CodePen pens.


8. MkDocs

MkDocs is a fast static site generator that is still in development and helps building project documentation. While the documentation source files are written in Markdown and configured with a single YAML configuration file.


Soon, we will be coming up with the monthly and yearly compilations of such useful resources. Keep yourself posted. But as of now, leave your comments below to let us know what you think of these.

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