Fresh Tools of the Week [16th August – 22nd August]

From that helps designers pick the fonts to Gravit an amazng designing tool, LegalSIfter there are some of the really helpful tools, apps and websites pinned here to help designers and developers the best possible way.

Each week, we jot down the tools and apps all at one place to help narrow down your search and get well acquainted with the same to make optimum use of these.

This week’s list is here along with previous five weeks’ lists for your reference. Take a look and check out which would solve the purpose.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Marka

Marka is a set of basic transforming icons done with JavaScript and JSON. The icons included are specified by names and comprise of basic  geometric shapes like triangles and squares besides complex shapes like check marks and asterisks.


2. Gravit

Gravit is the new and fresh thinking free design tool to express yourself in a new way. It offers the creative power of a full-scale design suite. Also, it helps in handling complex design tasks with versatility, fluidity and elegance.


3. is a a beautiful Lorem Ipsum generator for you all to make optimum use. Its sliders help to specify how many characters, words, sentences or paragraphs you want.


4.  Visual Designers Checklist for the Web

This is a nice looking tool that is functionally smart too. It offers to-do items for your design projects like file organization, design practices, filters, typography, images, and much more for your ease.


5. Gomoodboard

This is a free moodboard application that is simple and easy to understand. Users can simply start by choosing blank moodboard or use one of the starter boards and edit the same thereafter publishing and sharing it with anyone you want.


6. Beautiful Open

Built by Trek Glowacki, Beautiful Open is a gallery of beautifully designed websites for open source projects. From Atom, Boba.js, Buckets there are many more cool websites to check out!



This is a library that comprises of details of tens of thousands of fonts that is ideal for designers making them come out of confusion as to which font to pick for their current or upcoming projects.


8. LegalSifter

Upload any creative project, contract at LegalShifter. Whether you’re a designer or developer this is sure to be great online tool worth checking out.


9.  Power To CSS

Power to CSS is a versatile CSS framework that is simple, light and responsive tool for developers.


10. Invoice at Once

As simple as the name hints. This is a tool to create invoice at once. Perfect for freelance designers and developers!


11. Tumblr-style cog spinners

This is a Tumblr-style cog loading animation made with CSS and SVG icons designed by Jiri Silha that is sure to help all you developers out there in miscellaneous projects.


That’s all for this week. We will be coming up with more cool stuff that claim to help you designers and developers in different projects. Stay tuned!


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