Fresh Tools of the Week [10th January – 16th January]

Tools, apps, software, websites, plugins, all fall under the same category that is useful resources. With the ever increasing cut-throat competition, the number of people ready to offer helping hands in the form of resources is increasing too. What’s the big deal if you know there are resources available? It’s the time one needs to spend to check out each and every tool to finally make the pick.

Here, our weekly and monthly compilations come into play. What we do is carefully hand-picked best useful resources available on the web and put them all under one roof to let you all enjoy the ease of picking up the one meeting your need.

For you all this week we have listed down best for the rest eight tools that we are sure that you will love them. Take a look!

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1. Design Break

Design Break is a nice game for designers that besides being refreshing makes them learn various typography that helps in logo designing. This logo quiz is simple to play telling how powerful typographic logos and company colors can be.


2. Icono

Icono is a place where you get pure CSS icons with just one element. The tagline reads-One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS.


3. Big Picture

This is an infinite which can be used for writing and can be zoomed out to let you all see what you have written. In short, as the name says you get the Big Picture.


4. Sass Guidelines

From Hugo Giraudel who is one talented front-end developer, here come Sass Guidelines. It’s an opinionated styleguide for users to write sane, maintainable and scalable Sass.


5. Moopato eBook Writer

Moopato eBook Writer lets users write their eBook in pure text with markdown flavor. Best of all it is completely distraction free.


6. UI Tiles

UI Tiles is a nice system for building quick visual flowcharts and site maps for web projects. Simply download it and customize it as per your need. It’s as simple as that!


7. Evil Icons

Evil icons is a place where you get simple and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Rails, Sinatra, Node.js, Gulp and Grunt.


8. Material Palette

This is a material palette generator that is a daily showcase of the very best Material designs apps, websites and concepts.


I will stop here, since there is no point focusing on the number of tools. No matter how small the number of tools we include, we assure each one is useful, unique and cool in its own way to ensure that they provide the best possible help. Let us know as to which one of these tools is of your use and which one(s) you would love to recommend to your designer and developer friends.

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