10 Free Google Material Design Resources

Google’s Material Design language was designed in 2014 to increase the usage of grid-layout with lots of effects, shadows and animation. If you are looking to use Google Material, there are plenty of resources available. Here is list of the top 10 Google Material Design resources:

1. Materialize CSS

This is a front-end framework to work on Material Design where designers can choose to work either on CSS and Java Script Files or SCSS files. Javascript requires almost no set-up and SCSS gives you more control over components to be included. There are some starter templates available to give you a head start with comprehensive guidelines.


2. Paper Collapse

This is a simple CSS3 paper cards accordion. The various options include animation duration, specifying the animation speed, functions to list handlers or various animation functions.


3. MAWbutton

MAWbutton is a ripple button inspired by Google Material design. Again, here you can mention the speed, scale, effect and callback after transition. They are still working on flash and wave effects.


4. Waves

Waves is a click effect on the button inspired by Material design. You need to install Node Javascript and Ruby on the computer. It runs via SASS and there are testing tools for it.


5. Material Framework

This resource has open-source icons available in SVG framework.  Icons are available in 24px and 48px flavors. You need to install zip file with all the icons and then install it.


6. Instagram PSD

This is a free Material Design inspired Instagram UI that you can use in your projects.


7. Leaf Framework

Leaf Framework is a CSS framework based on Google Material design. It has a list of buttons, images, forms and drop-downs with various color options to display. You can also give various wave effects which will be displayed according to the shadow.


8. Bootstrap Material Design

This is a front-end framework in Google Material Design. It is very easy to use with comprehensive guidelines. It is available in LESS and SASS version is only available in as base file.


9. Material Design Hamburger

This is a hamburger animation available in Google Material Design. It supports IE8 and IE 10 browser.


10. Material Playground

This It is a playground theme with various sliders, images and text field effects.



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