Flat Web Design : Pros and Cons

None of us can deny the fact that flat design is the latest trend in the world of design. Talk about what makes flat design the best is that its easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly, comes with minimal distractions and the list seems to continue. Endowed with all these cool features that it has in store for the users, flat website design has taken the web world by storm.

From easy user interface. bold colors, sharp images, simple navigation, distinctive fonts, easy to read text all together contribute in making flat design the choice of millions. Indeed, all you designers know that flat design is two-dimensional, uses simple icons and has minimalistic approach makes the website easy to manage.

Flat design has best attributes like friendly aesthetic, simple user interface, positive wire-framing effect, ease of use and maintenance and many more. While flat design is the in thing, designers these days have not just one challenge to face instead have to make sure that the design is responsive enough to provide the user the ease of access on other devices than just desktops. The question that arises is what’s the best way to make a website responsive and follow the latest design trend that is focusing on flat designing too. 

Well, the answer is knowing the pros and cons of a particular trend. Talking about the flat web design trends; there is indeed the two sides of the coins that each designer should know and shouldn’t just blindly follow the trend as its the in thing.

Here, I plan to list down the pros and cons of flat design to help you designer friends if you should go for the flat design for your next project or shun it. How about checking out a small table that gives the gist of pros and cons of flat design? Take a look.

Pros of Flat DesignCons of Flat Design
Easier to design, maintain and updateFlat design is bit too simple
Offers bold colors, visually appealing fonts, and simple iconsConveying complex visuals is not easy in flat design
Gives soothing appeal to eyesMisspellings and errors are easily noticeable in the text
Easily readable textLimitation on creativity and decoration
Minimal distractions is ensuredColor palettes matching is not easy

1. Flat Design is Popular Design Trend

Pro : We all know that flat design is sweeping all over the web and is the latest cool design trend on the chart. With fresh look, new cool features, ease of use which have been missing in the design trends previously, its all the more exciting thing to join the flat design bandwagon.

Con : Indeed, flat design is the hottest UI trend as of now but on the flip side of the trend equation is we actually don’t know for how long this trend will last and keep our imagination engaged. With the fast-evolving technology, we can expect changes in the design trends anytime soon.


2. Simple User-Interface

Pro :  Opting for flat design makes it easier to put all the elements and visuals get the clean and bold look that enables users to enjoy the simplicity and ease of use. Simple user-interface with bold colour and typography choices, make it look all the more appealing and visually stunning. Here, I would like to mention the article on tips to create better user navigation.

Con : Some people complain of flat design being little too simple. It becomes difficult to convey a complicated visual message in flat design. Also, its simple user-interface tools contributes in getting it a thumbs down. From users’ point of view, too much simplicity in interface design is not accepted with open heart.


3. Color Palettes

Pro : Bright color sets a mood. Bright and warm colour palette ensures to engage audiences. Flat design incorporates the use of several colours that evoke a sense of positivity making it appealing.

Con :  We know that in the traditional web design, one or two colors are used and while creating a flat design around five colors are used that make it difficult to match them correctly. Creating a colour palette with several colors, designers need to consider things like saturation quite carefully.


4. Typography

Pro : We have discussed about typography being the positive factor in flat designing. With bright colors, bold and creative look, the overall typography looks stunning.

Con : To err is human but incase you opt for flat design, you need to be extra cautious as choosing the wrong typography can make the text appear bad and misspelling are not easy to hide and will become obvious which can ruin the design.


5. Sharp and Clean Visuals

Pro : In a flat design, clean and sharp user interface is laid focus on. The icons, buttons, lines and shapes are all minimal which makes it look beautiful.  High-contrast features including color, type and boldness all together make lines clean and easy to follow.

Con : This feature while on one hand makes flat design look visually stunning on the other hand can look overly simple. It has the possibility to compromise mobile usability if not done correctly. Quite lot of users argue on minimal nature of flat design and  don’t find it comfortable thereby leading to a poor mobile UI experience.



We all are aware of the fact that web design is evolving at a very fast pace and to opt for a particular trend to be followed designers need to evaluate the pros and cons of each approach.

We have tried to help designers by listing the pros and cons of flat design which surely is one of the more popular design concepts today but you need to make your pick depending upon the look, feel and tone you want to convey through your content. The choice is yours. Have your say. We would love to hear your viewpoint. 


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