Five Tips to Design Incredible Infographics

Infographics are helpful for those presenting information with the help of graphs and pictures. It may sound simple, but making these infographics aren’t that easy. Here are five tips developers can use to help them design infographics:


1. Data Collection

Sorting out data is the first and most important job when it comes to being a developer. Designers must pick out data relevant to your infographics, counter check their authenticity and then perform research for more data. Make sure you use data from relevant sources and don’t forget to give credit to your sources.

2. Understand the Story and Depict It

It is important to read all of your data and connect all dots, and incomplete information will lead to incomplete infographics. If you can’t make a good story out of the information provided, then you won’t be able to clarify complex data or support an argument through the infographics.

3. Clarity of Data

Sometimes the client may want the infographics to uphold only the positive sides and suppressing the negative qualities in the form of a twisted storyline. But this may lead to a defective infographics as data has a way of showing the truth ultimately. This may sometimes force you to reject the client’s original idea in order to reveal the true picture.

4. Sweet and Simple Design

Your infographics need to have a hero to unveil the story. After you select the most interesting fact, you place that at the top and then put the rest of the information in order. You can display your stories by the use of raw data in the form of graphs and charts or you can mask your data with the help of metaphors. Using a clean and crisp color palette and simple graphics helps create a good infographic.

5. Test and Release

After you complete the infographics, you need to be able to test it so anyone can understand what the infographics mean. Then, you can release the project, which can be done online.

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