Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends?

Time changes and so do trends. Some of the trends continue to be the part of the world but then there are many that were liked in the days gone by but won’t be followed in the coming days. Designing is one field in which trends need to be followed to ensure that you leave an everlasting impression on the viewers with the creative designs. We recently came up with the articles in which we talked in detail about the latest design trends that is flat web designs and responsive web designs respectively.

Trends keep changing and it is suggestive for web designers to keep following them. Now, topic of the day is that is how far is it important to follow the web design trends? There might be many contradictions. Some of you out there might ignore the importance of web design trends while many of you who would agree with me that the web design trends need to be strictly followed.

Checking out both sides of the coin that is worst and the best web design trends can make it easy to understand as to what is loved by the users and what all proves to be an eye-sore.

Following the web design trends and understanding what is good and what is irritating from the viewers’ point of view definitely works in favor. How about understanding this a bit more with few examples? Call them examples, tips tricks or whatever; the fact remains that the below listed points need to be clearly understood and kept in mind while handling any design project.

Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends?

1. Not Befooling Clients With Clicks

There are lot many websites that have amazing number of links clicking which you land up on the page you never intend to open up. It is so irritating and distracting. I personally hate coming across such websites in which the owners try to act smart and get page views/clicks. This you can say is against web design trends at any stage or in any era. This was hated long back, is never appreciated as of now and will never prove to be a success in the future.


2. Advertisements

Ads have since long been the part and parcel of any business. Obviously, one works hard to get the bread and butter on the table but it shouldn’t be at the cost of patience of customers. Anyone coming across a website with innumerable advertisement that over shadows the content for which the particular website was opened up  will feel be-fooled and irritated. Following the norms and placing the advertisements is the trend of all time and should be followed.


3. Correct Use of Colors

Imagine opening up a website with flashy striking colors. What an eye-sore it will prove to be. Correct use of colors is essential part of web designing. All those bright colored boxes are so distracting.


4. Responsive Design

Responsive designs are much appreciated trend of the day for the fact that people do not stick to just computers or laptops instead mobiles, tablets have taken over. If your designs are not responsive, they are certain to leave the viewers disappointed.


5. Simple Designs

Keeping things simple rule applies in the designing field too. Don’t come up with designs that leave your viewers bewildered so much so that one closes down the tab after getting agitated with the confusion as to what actually you tried to do with the design.


See, what I have tried to say by listing the examples of trends that designers should follow not just today but always. Trends come, trends go but certain things remain constant. It is anyday suggestive to note down some key points, do a research as to what’s the in thing, what are the worst design trends  before finally starting to give shape to your ideas.

This article will prove to be half left and can be well understood by going through the articles on best web design trends and the worst web design trends. Ask me, I would say designers should always follow certain things, understand what irritates the viewer, what is most appreciated and what are the latest web design trends that one should follow.

Just randomly coming up with the idea to create a web design and without any brainstorming or research starting off would prove to be a failure. Instead follow the web design trends and if you are the one who thinks out of the box and feels can be a trend setter; you are most welcome!

I would love to hear what do you have to say on this topic. I have had my say and strongly believe that one must follow web design trends, now its your turn. Drop in your valuable comments below.


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