Cool Photoshop Tutorials to Learn New Skills

Photoshop can be used to create cool effects on regular images to bring about magical transformations. We’ve gathered some of the best available tutorials which will help developers to create images that are bound to generate attention and make users look like a pro Photoshop editor.

1. How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

The tutorial deals with creating images which appear to come from a mystical world. The main trick is to use soft brushes and textures to give it a light sensation. The effect can be achieved by Photoshop fairy dust plug-in but it can also be done by the use of defined brushes.


2. Create a Devastating Twister With Photo Manipulation Techniques

This technique is used for the creation of effects like twisters. It uses the layering of several images that are enhanced with the Selection tool and using the Lasso and Stamp tools to change the colors to give parts of images an elevating effect. Contrast and exposure brings the new image to life.


3. Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

This tutorial is classic Photoshop. It uses the basic tools of Photoshop to create images which look hand painted. It uses effects such as masking layers, brightness and exposure adjustment. Brushing effects are used to complete the image and give it a non-digital effect.


4. Creating a Smoke Fading Effect

The smoke effect can be created by using a set of preloaded cloud brushes on a grunge background. The background is created with the help of the gradient tool. Then the distortion tool is used along with the transformation tool to produce the smokey layer.


5. Alienize: Transform a Person into an Alien

This uses the erase tools along with the layering of the images to create a stunning image that appears  half alien and half human. The liquefaction tool is used in the editing along with brushing and transformation.


6. Learn How to Create a Fiery Demon Montage

Superb utilization of the layering, resizing and brushing tool brings about this brilliant effect. The demonic background is created by playing with the RGB levels which gives it a reddish tinge and makes the image seem like it’s on fire. Superimposing images of blasts will help in enhancing the effects.


Give these tutorials a try to enhance your Photoshop skills.

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