Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of July 2014

Tutorials as you all know are the stepwise guide to getting the desired result. Now a days, there is tutorial for everything. You got stuck in between cooking? There is a tutorial for it. You wish to know how to learn driving/riding? There is a tutorial for that. You just name it and there is a tutorial to guide you through the entire process.

Photoshop tutorials seem to be a great idea of whosoever conceived it for the fact that these prove to be of great help for all those who wish to learn new tricks without much botheration. Each month we come up with a compilation of best Photoshop tutorials for you all to get the help and learn new things like how to use Photoshop features and get the results to your heart’s desire.

Take a look at this month’s compilation along with previous months’ list of best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials!

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Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of July 2014

1. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Blend different illustration styles

Learn how Stephen Chan and Andriana Katsiki have combined their illustration styles to create a unique artwork in just few simple steps.


2. Create a Photo Manipulation of an Emotional Dancer in a Forest

In this tutorial we all will learn how to create a scene of an emotional dancer in a forest. Also, this will make you learn how to combine and blend different stock photos in a cohesive scene, adjust color and much more.


3. How To Create a Washed Out Vintage Matte Photo Effect

Published at Spoongraphics, this tutorial is a step by step tutorial that helps transform your shots in Photoshop to create a warm washed out vintage matte effect.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own atmospheric dark fantasy scene using stock images, retouching skin, enchanting original image with lightning and some more by various manipulating techniques.


This tutorial spotted at 3dtotal is prepared by James Suret in which he explains how a futuristic cyborg character with weapons and accessories which is finished off with a plinth for the character is created.

6. Paint an 80s airbrush portrait

Learn how to create a beautiful, dreamlike painting full of subtle details with a bold 80s colour scheme with the help of this detailed tutorial by Design duo, KittoZutto.


7. How to Create a Beautiful Moonlight Angel Photo Composite

This is a Photoshop Manipulation tutorial that ensures to make you all learn the tips and tricks of creating beautiful  moonlight angel photo composite.


8. Angel With Fire Wings Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial will make you learn how to combine different fire and light effects for creating a beautiful angel with fire wings in Photoshop.


9. Paint a beautiful animal portrait with these elegant brush techniques

In this tutorial, creative artist Bram Vanhaeren makes us learn how we can transform fashion photography into edgy, enigmatic illustrations in just a few steps.


This is a video Photoshop tutorial by BlueLightningTv which will make you all learn how to create the look of a handwritten message on a foggy, rainy window pane.

This is a Photoshop tutorial that is prepared to make you all learn how to create a fan-made movie poster astutely named Goodzilla easily in Adobe Photoshop. 


12. Playing with Glows and Blurs – Fairy in the Woods Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to do a photo manipulation with fairy and dragonflies flying around fairy in just few simple steps.


13. Strawberry Fruit Pie Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create fruit pie typography. As you all can easily make out, this tutorial is published at PSD Dude. Looks yummy! Would definitely want to try my hand on. 


In this tutorial we will learn a simple and quick way of creating a vivid grass and dirt text effect with the help of Layer Masks, adjustment layers and some basic Layer Effects.


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a dark forest scene featuring a young witch. During the process you will learn to combine different stocks together and blend them correctly using brush, adjustment layers and layer mask. 


In this tutorial you all will learn the basic steps that should be followed to create visually stunning flyer that one can get printed right away in print-shop-ready CMYK colors directly from Photoshop. 


Here is a video tutorial that will help you learn how to create a sweet, sugary text effect in Photoshop using custom brushes and layer styles.


18. Create Queen Of Ice Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

This is an intermediate level tutorial that will help you create a Queen of Ice Photo Manipulation. In it manipulation of several ice textures to achieve the desired result  besides blending number of layers and adjusting image is done easily.


Spotted at Design Tutplus, this tutorial will make you learn to design a simple news iPhone app and animate it easily and without any fuss.


20. Photoshop Light Text Using The Lightning Creator

In this tutorial, users will learn how to give a lightning thunder text effect to their design. Following just few simple steps will help you get the desired result.


21. Create a Simple Pencil Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Creating a simple pencil icon in Photoshop might sound easy but then sometimes one seeks help. Here is a tutorial that will make you learn how to create a simple pencil icon in Adobe Photoshop.


22. How to Create and Use Photoshop Droplets

This tutorial will teach you how to create and use Photoshop droplets thereby saving and applying actions to different number of files eliminating the need of going through the automation dialog every time.


23. Create a Wonderfully Colorful “Everlasting Dream” Fantasy Manipulation

In this tutorial you will learn to create a fantasy, heavenly scene with a beautiful dreamer in fun and easy manner.


24. Inflated Text Using 3D in Photoshop CC

In this tutorial we will learn to create inflated text using the 3D features in Photoshop. The resultant is reflective metallic text that looks superb.


25. Create Fury Unleashed Digital Art In Photoshop

In this tutorial you all will learn how to create Fury Unleashed digital art in Photoshop by combining several objects like tree roots, cracked ground and fire with a model to get the desired result.


I am sure you loved the compilation of Best Adobe Photoshop tutorials of the month of July. We are working on the list of August and we assure there is much more good stuff we have in store for you all. Stay tuned we will keep you posted!


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