Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [4th October – 11th October]

Javascript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have become the important part of the world of development. There is no dearth of best jQuery plugins been made available for developers to ease their job and make it less time consuming. Why spare extra time and efforts in doing some task if that can be done easily by making optimum use of tools, plugins and other helping resources.

The best part is that programmers and developers are working hard in quest to lend helping hand to designers and developers that too without asking them to shell out extra dollars. Its like simply checking out if the particular plugin suits your need, check the demo and download it for free.

Here is our this weeks’ compilation of best jQuery plugins that we have selected for you all to check out and make optimum use in your miscellaneous projects. Take a look!

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. jQuery Form Tooltip

Developed by Ah Cheng, Form Tooltip is a plugin to enable animated, customisable tooltip on your form inputs when focusing.

best-jquery-pluginsDemo | Download

2. jQuery Toaster

Developed by Scott Offen, Toaster is a jQuery plugin for displaying toast notifications. The plugin comes with sublime set of defaults that you can use out of the box. However, it is completely flexible bending to meet your specific design needs.


3. jqScrollAnim

Trigger animations with the vertical scroll. jqScrollAnim is a jQuery plugin that enables users to define animations whose reproduction depends on the position of the vertical scroll.


Demo | Download

4. jQuery.ViewportWatcher

ViewportWatcher is a jQuery plugin that handles window’s width change for responsive web design.


Demo | Download

5. SliderTabs – Flexible & Simple jQuery Plugin for Sliding Tabs

SliderTabs is a customizable jQuery plugin that enables users to create a content slider that can turn into a tabs plugin or a custom slider by changing a few options.


Demo | Download

6. checkbo

chekbo is a custom checkbox and radio, lightweight  with an immense range of cool features.

Demo | Download

7. jQuery PluginMsgPop

This Javascript plugin leverages jQuery and FontAwesome to create notification messages.


Demo | Download

8. scrollbar-plugin

This is a lightweight jQuery plugin for custom scrollbars on a webpage.


9. autocomplete

autocomplete is a jQuery autocomplete plugin like Google autocomplete for users to make optimum use of it.


Have any plugin you have come across lately or developed? Why not share it with us and our readers. Leave your comment below and we will be adding the same in our upcoming list of best jQuery plugins.


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