Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [3rd August – 9th August]

jQuery plugins that seamlessly make the job of the developers easy are growing in numbers withe ash passing day. Our weekly listicle which never seem to break is one example to prove that there are many genius minds running to make people drool over. The plugins are rolled over to ease the jobs of developers handling different type of projects.

We have been working on coming up with the list of best jQuery plugins each week and once in a month too. We have been talking about plugins and coming up with the lists of the same for over the months now and actually I feel short of words but the zest to provide you all with best resources, I start writing and simply continue. For your reference, pinned below are preceding five week’s list of best jQuery plugins followed by plugins that we have selected to be included in this week’ list. Check them out!

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. mailcheck

mailcheck by Derrick Ko is a Javascript library and jQuery plugin that suggests a right domain when your users misspell it in an email address.

best-jquery-pluginsDemo | Download

2. jQuery Multisource Image

Developed by Artem Wolf, Multisource Image is a jQuery plugin for media query-like using of multiple images sources.


3. jquery.ajaxComboBox

Developed by Yuusaku Miyazaki, this is a jQuery plugin for creating a text box it can auto-complete and pull-down-select.


Demo | Download

4. Prezento

Prezento is a jQuery plugin that lets you showcase your web designs. Include this plugin, apply the settings and you’re ready to impress your visitors!


Demo | Download 

5. stroll.js – CSS3 scroll effects

This is a collection of CSS list scroll effects. It works in browsers with support for CSS 3D transforms including a special touch-enabled mode for iOS and Android 4.x.


Demo | Download 

6. jQuery Hex Colorpicker

Developed by Boone Putney, Hex Colorpicker is a simple jQuery plugin for visual selection of colors through a discrete hexagonal color picker.


Demo | Download

7. muPlayer – audio player

Developed by Ryan Yang, muPlayer is a jQuery plugin that helps in creating HTML5 audio players.

best-jquery-plugins Demo | Download

8. Words Rotator 

This is a simple text elements rotator plugin that can be installed in five simple steps.


Demo | Download

Stay tuned for more resources that we will be coming up in the coming days. You all know there are lot many inspirational stuff, visual treat too coming your way. Have any such useful jQuery plugin worth sharing? Do let us know by leaving a comment below.


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