Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [28th September – 3rd October]

Its Saturday and here we have come up with yet another listicle that is scheduled for the day. Today’s article comprises of some of the really useful jQuery plugins along with the demo links, download links for you all to take a look and download it just incase, any of these suits your need.

From xFilterList to  gridify, jQuery-Picture-Cut, the list includes recently developed and introduced plugins that promise to help designers and developers by making their task easier and less time consuming. These best jQuery plugins when used the correct way helps produce the apt results in comparatively lesser amount of time and asks for minimum efforts.

The list we have prepared for you all will surely help you narrow down your search and make your choice according to the need of the hour. Apply the plugin(s) and enjoy the ease of workflow.

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1.  jQuery xFilterList

xFilterList by Jose Luis Quintana is a lightweight simple jQuery grid list plugin that helps in easy filtering and sorting.


Demo | Download

2. Magneticmediajs jQuery

Magneticmediajs is a jQuery plugin developed by Arnaud Leyder. This is a jQuery based library that allows media content  like images, videos, maps, HTML &amp to be displayed efficiently and with style. The plugin lets users display the media content with style.


Demo | Download

3. Pagawa

Pagawa is a responsive slideshow, gallery or carousel plugin for jQuery and Zepto.


Demo | Download

4. gridify

 Gridify is one lightweight script that helps users in creating a Pinterest-like grid using jQuery, pure JavaScript or YUI with image loaded.  The plugin comes loaded with cool features that makes it worth downloading and using different projects.


Demo | Download

5. jQuery-Picture-Cut

Picture Cut is a jquery plugin that handles images in a very friendly and simple way with a beautiful interface based on bootstrap. All users need to do is drag image from explorer, image crop and others.


Demo | Download

6. . jquery.typer.js

Typer.js is a simple jQuery plugin for a slick typing effect.


7. image-jigsaw 

This is a jQuery plugin for easy conversion of any image to image based jigsaw puzzle.


Demo | Download

Do, these useful jQuery plugins solve your purpose? Have any query or wish to let developers/programmers know about your need of right kind of plugin? Let us know, we would love to hear what you have to say regarding any plugin. Also, if you have lately developed any plugin(s) that will help designers and developers, share it with us. We would be including the same in our upcoming lists.


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