Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [20th July – 26th July]

jQuery plugins that solve the purpose, lessen down the fuss and help ease the tasks wherever one gets stuck are becoming the important part of developing world. Entire week we look for best jQuery plugins that genuinely promise to help developers with their work eliminating to put in extra efforts and invest long hours. In the end on Saturdays we come up with the list of handpicked jQuery plugins for your reference thereby ensuring the ease of finding the apt one for you.

Here is this week’s list of the best jQuery plugins that you all will love checking out. From patternLock to vide and waterpipe.js there are some of the really helpful plugins worth using in miscellaneous projects. Take a look!

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. patternLock

Pattern Lock is a light weight plugin that helps simulate Android like pattern lock mechanism for hybrid application or for any website. Easy to configure users can have different type of pattern lock according to their need.



2. Off Canvas Infinity Push Mobile Navigation

Developed by Marc Andrew San Buenaventura, Off Canvas Infinity Push is a jQuery plugin that promises to provide users with the ease to make any desktop navigation into a mobile navigation. Also, this plugin offers unlimited sub-navigation.


Demo | Download

3. Vide

Vide by Ilya Makarov is a simple jQuery plugin developed specifically for video backgrounds.


Demo | Download

4. smoothState

Developed by Miguel Angel Perez, smoothState is a cool jQuery plugin that claims to unobtrusively stop the fuss of page loads. Instead it progressively enhances the overall experience as pages behave like a single-page application.



5. jQuery UI Office Tools: Stickies

Developed by Will Reese,  jQuery UI Stickies is a lightweight jQuery UI sticky note widget that functions as a simple movable, resizable writing area designed to be used for simple annotations.



6. Instagram-Infinite-Scroll

This is a single page Infinite Scroll app that is developed with the help of Ractive.js, jQuery, and Pure CSS.

Demo | Download 

7. waterpipe.js

Create smoky backgrounds with waterpipe.js which is a jQuery plugin developed specifically for smoky backgrounds generation.


Demo | Download

8. Engaged Social Menu

Engaged social menu is a simple menu that users can simply integrate into any website. Its an Animated Social Menu Framework with magic.


Demo | Download

Its almost the end of this month so soon we will be coming up with monthly listicle of best jQuery plugins along with next week’s list of fresh plugins that claim to lessen down your burden of handling fussy tasks. Stay tuned!


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