Best Illustrator Tutorials of September 2014

Adobe Illustrator, we all know is the industry leading software that is used for creating vectorized graphics. There are lot many designers who are trying to learn about drawing techniques, use effects and patterns, text effects and tools that help in  creating vector graphics that are visually appealing. Besides, there are other designers who are already working with Adobe Illustrator and wish to take designing to the new level.

What better way to do so than with the help of tutorials that are prepared by professional designers who have already worked on the vector graphics. We have been listing down some of the really useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials on the monthly basis for you all to try your hands on and get the desired results. With the hope that you have been liking our compilations, we have come up with yet another list of best Illustrator tutorials of the month of September,2014.

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Best Illustrator Tutorials of September 2014

1. How to Make a Cute Pig Face Icon With Simple Gradient Mesh in Adobe Illustrator

Mary Winker published this detailed Illustrator tutorial that will help you create very cute pig face icon using gradient mesh tool.


2. Create a Candy Gumball Machine Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

We are sure that back in your childhood days, you’ve loved candy gumball. If yes, you’ll love to check out this tutorial that will help you create candy gumball machine in Adobe Illustrator and revive your happiest days once again.


3. How to Create a Realistic Game Controller in Adobe Illustrator

Ok, so we have learned how to create our childhood favorite candy gumball machine in the above tutorial. Now, its time to create game controller in Adobe Illustrator with the help of good Illustrator tutorial published at


4. How to Design a Folky Gig Poster in Adobe Illustrator

Want to create a poster for music festival or folk music show, this cool Adobe Illustrator tutorial will help you create gig poster with the help of Wacom Tablet and software.


5. Create a Modern Fantasy Card Design for Eminence: Xander’s Tales in Illustrator

Another one for, this Illustrator tutorial is published by Jonathan Lam that will help create a fantasy card design.


6. How to Design a Weathered Illustrative Logo Set in Adobe Illustrator

Love vintage logos and elements, try out this Illustrator tutorial that will help you create logo sets that has vintage feel.


7. Mummified! Mummy Text Vector for Halloween

Spotted at, this is a cool Illustrator text tutorial that will help you to give mummy-type effect to your text.


8. Creating a Glowing Neon Effect in Illustrator

We love text effect tutorial in Adobe Illustrator and try to include as many as we can in monthly roundup, here’s another one that we spotted at that will help you give glowing neon effect to any text you want.


9. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create a Super Bright and Colourful Vector Poster in Illustrator

Check out how to create colorful seamless vector poster art in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is published on and created by Ben the Illustrator.


10. Create Detailed Spa Stones and Flowers in Adobe Illustrator

A detailed Illustrator tutorial from Yulia Sokolava that will help you learn creating beautiful spa stones and flowers with use of various Illustrator techniques.


11. Create a Chalkboard Menu in Adobe Illustrator

Go out and check restaurant menu that you find outside or get some inspiration while learning to create one with the help of Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by


12. Create a Baseball-Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s another text tutorial from Diana Toma that we are sure loved by those who are sports person by heart.


13. Create a Lemonade Stand in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s one from that will help designers to learn creating lemonade stand in Illustrator.


14. Illustrator Tutorial – How to Make a Vector Light Drawing Text Effect

Give luminous effect to your text with the help of this amazing Illustrator tutorial published on


15. The Classics: Gingham Pattern Vector

Another one from that will help you learn creating gingham pattern in Adobe Illustrator.


Wish to add to the tutorials or contribute by sharing the one(s) you have prepared recently? Then what’s the wait for, leave your comment below to let us know.  Also, we would love to read your suggestions!


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