Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2014

Adobe Illustrator tutorials have been the part and parcel of our blog. You all know that we have been jotting down best useful tutorials to help you all with the easy handling of Adobe Illustrators. With the hope that our monthly compilations are proving to be of help to let you master the skills of designing and coming up with cute illustrators.

If you are the one who checks ‘TheNeoDesign‘ daily, you certainly know that this is not the time when we come up with our monthly compilations as the month of October is not yet over.  Let me help you come out of bewilderment. Actually, Halloween is just around the crowd and we have today prepared the compilation that comprises of not one instead few best Halloween inspired Illustrator tutorials to leave the viewers stunned.

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Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2014

1. Create a Mysterious Halloween Scene in Adobe Illustrator

Below illustration surely looks scary and if you want to create something like this, you should check out Halloween Illustrator tutorial shared by that will make you learn creating a mysterious halloween scene that you can use in poster, flyers or templates.

If you are looking for more Halloween inspired stuff, check out our article showcasing best free Halloween flyer templates that you’ll surely love to use.


2. Halloween Pumpkin Vector Stickers in 30 Mins

Halloween is over but it’s never late to learn something, check out how to create Halloween pumpkin vector sticker in Adobe Illustrator shared by


3. Keep Away from this Halloween Lantern Vector Tutorial! Or Don’t

Another best Halloween Illustrator tutorial from that will help you to create beautiful Halloween Lantern in minutes.


4. Create a Funny Trick-or-Treat Halloween Monster in Adobe Illustrator

Who says Halloween illustration is only scary, check out funny and cute Halloween Monster that you can create with the help of tutorial we spotted at


5. How to Create a Pet Cemetery Illustration for Halloween

We always love tutorials and this time they came with Halloween inspirted Illustrator tutorial that will help help you create a pet cemetery illustration.


6. How to Create a Halloween Illustration With a White Kitten in Adobe Illustrator

Check out another free Halloween Illustrator tutorial from that will help you create Halloween illustration with a white kitten that looks cute not scary.


7. How to Create a Dark Gravestone Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

One another Halloween inspired Illustrator tutorial that changed the way we look at graveyards or gravestone. Mostly, gravestone looks scary but this one is quite beautiful and cute.


8. Create a Devil Horns Toy Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Spotted at, check out this cute Halloween Illustrator tutorial that will help you create devil horns toy illustration in few minutes.


9. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Add Motion to an Artwork

By Eric Van Den Boom, this amazing Illustrator tutorial will help you learn adding motion to any artwork or photograph using lines and patters,


10. How to Create a Hand Drawn Label Design

Love hand drawn artworks, then we are sure you’ll love this useful Illustrator tutorial that is available on This tutorial will help you create a hand drawn label design that can easily be used in bottle packaging.


11. Create a Cactuar Style Character in Illustrator

Spotted at, this is an excellent Illustrator tutorial that will help you create cactuar style character with minimal steps and easy to learn process.


12. Create Dimension With Gradients in This Abstract Poster Design

Want to create abstract poster design in Adobe Illustrator, check out the tutorial that will you create one using gradients.


13. Illustrator Tutorial: Creating Realistic Tomatoes

Create real looking tomatoes in Illustrator that looks real but you can’t use in making yummy dishes. Spotted at, this one is a useful Illustrator tutorial that you learn in minutes.


14. How to Create a Computer Mouse in Adobe Illustrator

Create a computer mouse in Adobe Illustrator using simple basic tools, the pathfinder palettes, duplicate shapes and other techniques that will help creating real looking mouse.


15. Illustrator Tutorial – How to Create a Vector Bokeh Background

Bokeh art is very popular and many times used in creating posters or flyer templates, if you want to create personal vector bokeh background, check out the Illustrator tutorial we spotted at


So, its for you all to tell us wasn’t this the right time to come up with the article showcasing best Halloween Illustrator tutorials? Have we been successful in our endeavour to come up with the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials especially the ones that focus on the much awaited holiday named Halloween? Have your say by leaving your valuable comments below.

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