Best Illustrator Tutorials of November 2014

Its not always about knowing the thing that you can get the assurance that you will be able to work on it and get the expected results. Sometimes, in the middle of some work, one might find herself/himself stuck as to which way to move further. Here comes into play the helping hands that one lends through any mean. Talk about designing, there are many ways, each designer is contributing. Its either by coming up with useful resource, freebies, tutorials and much more.

Coming to the topic of the day, Adobe Illustrator tutorials for long have been doing their bit as in helping people understand how to go about using a particular tool, feature to get the desired results. The tutorials that designers are coming up with quite often these days are helping in giving directions like following the stepwise procedure can lead to help other designers get the expected results.

As scheduled, we are here with the compilation of best Adobe Illustrator tutorials for the month of November 2014. Take a look at them and make your pick as to which one would you like to try your hands on!

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1. How to Make a Neon Calavera Girl Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial by Mary Winkler will help you creating cute Calavera girl vector portrait using various techniques and basic shapes. This tutorial will also help you learn using Blob Brush Tool to draw fine details in your design.


2. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Combine Photos and Vectors into a 1980s Look

Perfect for those who want to create flyers or poster designs, this tutorial will help you combine photos and vectors and give old era feel to the design.


3. Design a Flat Chicken Logotype in Adobe Illustrator

This Adobe Illustrator tutorial will help you learn creating flat chicken logotype using simple shapes and custom brushes. This tutorial is from Yulia Sokolava and if you are looking for more tutorials that will help you learn logo designing, don’t forget to check best Illustrator logo design tutorials on our blog.


4. Create a Multicolored Splashed Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Diana Toma at has shared a very useful Illustrator tutorial that will help designers to create multicolored splashed text and that too very easily.


5. Experiment With Color in Adobe Illustrator to Create an Abstract Rose Illustration

In this tutorial, Masha Goubar will help designers to understand how to use colors, gradients and transparency while drawing using Adobe Illustrator.


6. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a 3D Creature in Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial, you will get to learn how to model and texture a 3D creature using Map Art Tool. Spotted at, this tutorial is shared by Derek Lea and perfect for advance learners.


7. How to Create Autumn Leaves, Berries and Chestnut Icons in Adobe Illustrator

Icons plays an important role in any design : be it mobile app or website or print design. That’s the reason, you will find many tutorials on Internet helping you learn creating icons in Adobe Illustrator. Here’s another one from Nataliya Dolotko that will help you learn creating autumn leaves, berries and chestnut icons in Illustrator that you can use in your designs later.


8. Create a Clownfish in Illustrator Using Basic Shapes

As title suggests, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create a cute clownfish using basic shapes and perfect for beginners who want to learn cartoon illustration quickly.


9. Create a T-Shirt Design for a Fantasy Association in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

We love designing Tshirts in Adobe Illustrator and if you are the one having same hobby, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, Monika Zagrobelna created Tshirt design for a non-profit project and decided to share the whole process with the readers. Isn’t that great?


10. Embossed Vector Text Style: Up Your Class in Minutes

In this tutorial, you will learn giving embossed effect to any text within minutes. Spotted at, this useful Illustrator tutorial is perfect for beginners learning the software.


11. Easy Bokeh Vector Effects in 15 minutes or Less

Learn creating bokeh vector effects in Illustrator using gradients, symbols and transparency panels with the help of below tutorial that we spotted at


We hope, you liked the compilation and would love to add to our upcoming lists of best Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Incase, you have come up with any such useful tutorials, share it with us, we will add the same in our future lists. Stay tuned for more cool design and development related stuff at TheNeoDesign.

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