8 Best Free Ebook Cover Design Tools

In today’s digital era, eBooks have been playing a major role in helping us enhance our skills and improve our knowledge. No matter which field one is in, there are oodles of helpful eBooks available that one can either download for free (if they are available for free) or purchase (if the eBooks come with a price tag). Depending on the need of the hour there is no harm in going for the eBooks that ask you to shell out some amount.

Talk about the cover of a book, we have a heard the cliche sounding line ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. We all agree to it but these days covers are like a feather on the cap. If the cover of any book is beautifully designed with apt information as to what it is about; it is definitely going to pay off as more and more customers will be persuaded to own one.

We cannot underestimate the power of the cover which helps in determining how many sign-ups and sales a particular eBook will get.

Nicely designed eBook cover gives the impression that it is professional, enticing and useful one which is genuinely worth spending money (if it comes with a price tag) and time to read it out.

This is not the first time that we are talking about the eBooks. In one of our articles, we listed down Latest Free eBooks For Developers. Another one comprised of ebook cover design tutorials. I hope you all liked the articles and found the listicles useful. Today, I have created a list of best free eBook cover design tools that we assure you all will love for the fact that each one of these is quite useful.

8 Best Free Ebook Cover Design Tools

1. 3D Box Shot Maker

This is a free tool that lets users virtually design quality box shot as their software box cover. Easy to use, it helps in getting the desired results which is just superbly outstanding promising to leave an ever lasting impression on the viewer.


2. Quick 3D Cover

Introduced long back, Quick 3D Cover is a software that helps in creating ebook covers. Endowed with amazing features for creating and designing covers for CDs, DVDs, book covers and other similar objects, this is free of cost if you want to use the trial version but if you want to upgrade it you will have to shell out $67.50 which I think is a worth it. Before, I forget, this tool lets you create dozens of covers using the same configured template thereby saving a lot of your time and effort.


3. MyEcoverMaker

MyEcoverMaker is an easy-to-use, point-and-click online software that helps in creating ebook covers eliminating the need of expensive software like photoshop and plugins to create stunning 3D eCovers.


4. CoverFactory

CoverFactory delivers 3D Ebooks and Box covers with only a few clicks. Create virtual boxes for software and eBook covers by following few simple steps and get beautiful professional-quality results with ease.


5. Free Ebook Cover Creator

This ecover creator is a free tool that promises to make your product appear to be a tangible object that ensures to convince casual browsers to become customers. All users have to do is follow few simple steps to get the desired results. Simply select your desired product, upload a flat image of your product cover, select your background color and the cover creator will do the rest.


6. eBook Maestro

eBook Maestro is a versatile universal software that by compiling different types of digital information products like eBooks, presentations, magazines, albums, galleries, guides, offline sites, reports helps users in creating amazing eBook covers. Besides, creating stand-alone EXE eBooks from websites, it protects your eBooks, adds trial limitations to your product for users to have to register it, enabled you to make money from eBooks and the list goes on. Best of all its basic version is free.


7. EbookMaker

EBookMaker is an application that lets users create e-books using HTML, audio, video or image files. Wish to reach thousands of readers through the power of online community, this is a great tool. It helps create an EXE file from a set of HTML pages and the reader will just need to run the executable file to easily access the e-book.


8. eCover

eCover is a free media case-covers search/editing/printing software that lets users create eBook covers with ease.


I hope this list of best free ebook cover design tools to create beautiful eBook covers has proved to be helpful. If you haven’t made up your mind as to which one of these would be your pick, I would suggest to open up the main page of the tool, check out its cool features and get out of bewilderment.

The time and effort you put in will be worth it which you will come to know when you see the end result which will be your nicely designed eBook cover design.


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