10 Best Feedback Tools for Designers

Each one of us is working to make sure our target audience gets nothing but the best be it in terms of user-experience or the information we provide. What is the way to know if you have been successful in your endeavour or not? Feedback! Obviously, without feedback how would you even know if the work done on your part is liked by the people or not. It is not always that we get positive response. Criticism is one thing that we need to learn to take in a constructive manner.

Designers are working continuously to let users get the best experience and enjoy everything technology has in store for them. Useful tools, Apps and websites that help them in different ways are welcome for the very simple reason that these make their task easier. Feedback is one way to know if their efforts are paying off. Here is when the best feedback tools come into play.

Web designers know that the process of handling a project includes testing, feedback and refinement too. You just can’t complete your task and sit back waiting for some miracle to happen. If you want to deliver the best, you need to test, get feedback and make improvements before it reaches the audience. There are good number of feedback tools that help you get the genuine true feedback on the projects, designs you submit.

Listed below are 10 best feedback tools for designers, check them out and let us know which one you use.

10 Best Feedback Tools for Designers

1. Concept Feedback 

Concept Feedback is a one stop for getting expert analysis and detailed recommendations from experts qualified in the respective fields viz. designers, developers, marketers and entrepreneurs. You don’t have to shell out any amount to avail the service, its free to join and asks you to review five other concepts before you can post your own. Not the big deal, huh!

The website has a community of experts that give you feedback on your projects and if need arises they give you valuable tips on how you can improve on your work. Once you gave posted your website, feedback is delivered within two business days or sometimes it takes just few hours to get the same.


2. Userlytics

Userlytics is a mobile App usability testing tool that does the needful in just three simple steps. All you get to do is set up your usability test, you get the user testing participants from Userlytics panel, and you get the usability testing results in just few hours.


3. Five Second Test

Five second tests help you understand people’s first impressions of your designs. You can fine tune your landing pages and calls to action by analyzing the most prominent elements of your design. Simply upload your design to test and testers view your website for five seconds and gives reviews.


4. User Testing

User Testing is the fastest way to get the feedback for your designs. It provides on-demand usability testing. Bridging the gap between no user testing and expensive user testing, UserTesting lets you get to know what your target audience is thinking fast, easy and inexpensive way.


5. Feedback Army

Feedback Army tests the usability of your website in mere two minutes. Simply submit specific questions that you would like to be answered about your website and you’ll get 10 responses and more depending upon the number you choose. You can reject responses and request new ones. This feature is only available for 48 hours, after which the response is auto-approved. You have to shell out $40 to use the service.


6. Criticue

Criticue is a newly introduced free online service that enables you to have your website or design concept peer-reviewed by an intelligent community of entrepreneurs, usability experts and web designers.  Type your website URL to submit your design and Criticue will automatically take a snapshot of the page else you can upload your own thereafter you will have to review another user’s design to provide useful feedback and tips on usability and optimization.This way you easily get the reviews from experts.


7. Verify

Made by ZURB, Verify is an app that lets you test screenshots of your design to give you an insights on your users’ expectations and reactions to your apps and websites before writing a single line of code. This is a handy tool for designers to get immediate feedback on screenshots and mockups they upload.


8. Usabilla

Founded in 2009 with the belief that continuous user feedback is the key to any successful website or service, Usabilla is an online service that ensures to work together with usability experts, user experience designers, marketers, web developers, and graphic designers from all over the world.  Post your website and ask your visitors what they think and feel. Increase your conversion based on rich, visual user feedback.


9. Silverback 2.0

Silverback is a Guerrilla usability testing software for designers and developers. We all know that usability testing is last on everybody’s list of priorities for the very reason that it is time-consuming, requires specialist equipment and is heavy on the pockets. Silverback is the answer to these issues. Making it easier, quicker and cheaper for everyone to perform guerrilla usability tests without asking for setup and extra expenses.


10. Try My UI

Watch videos of the people using your website and find out how you can improve your website. Thanks to this service named Try My UI.  Begin with signing up indicating what tasks you want users to perform on your site, how many users you want and their demographic profile, after few hours you get to see the narrated video of each user navigating your website and understand which are the areas of improvement. You get to see their screen, have their say either verbally or in written.

Have any similar best feedback tools for designers that you would want to share with our designer friends? If so, drop in the comments below and let us know.


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