Useful List of Best Ebook Cover Design Tutorials

Anything that comes handy, helps us improve our knowledge, enhance our skills in simple way is more than welcome. In today’s fast-paced life where we all are complaining of shortage of time, we all wish for a teacher who makes us learn the without asking us to step out of our homes or attend classes. This could be one reason why more and more people are lending a helping hand and making us learn by coming up with useful tutorials every now and then.

Tutorials are the best way of learning something on your own while practicing side by side by following the listed steps. There are lot many professionals that make sure to spread the knowledge with other people to help them ease the task with the help of tutorials.

We should never judge a book by its cover! This is one cliche sounding line which we all have heard lot of times. Seems like designers all over are trying hard to make book covers as attractive as possible making us believe that the content will be great too. In today’s digital era, many people seem to prefer ebooks over simple books. Why not, if electronic version is available, till the time it is solving the purpose one should go with the trend.

Now that we have talked about tutorial, book cover designs and ebooks, you all know that what we are here with. Best Ebook Cover Design Tutorials! Seeing the ebook craze, we thought from the designer’s perspective as to how they can learn to create beautiful ebook cover designs and came up with the list of best ebook cover design tutorials that ensure to be of great help.

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Useful List of Best Ebook Cover Design Tutorials

1. Make a Professional Look Ebook Cover in 5 Minutes

Spotted at useful tutorial on ebook cover creation on BetterBlogImages that not only teach you to create beautiful ebook cover but also helps to know where you can find free cover templates for ebooks, how to download and instand photoshop actions and how to use them to create ebook covers.


2. Easily Create an Ebook Cover in Photoshop

Ruxandra Micu at has shared this ebook cover design tutorial that is very easy to follow and help you to create beautiful ebook cover designs in few minutes.


3. How to Design an Ebook Cover That Sells

A very detailed tutorial that will not only help you to design ebook covers but lets you know about basic design theory, ebook cover research and few more tips that will help you create a cover that actually works for your clients.


4. Design an Ebook Cover in Photoshop Using Action

Another useful tutorial that we spotted on by Ifham Khan  that will help you to design professional ebook cover using Photoshop actions.


5. Designing an Ebook Cover

A very detailed tutorial that will let you design ebook cover in Photoshop by showing pictures on each step that you will find easy to follow.


6. Creating 3D Ebook Cover

BoxShot is a software that helps to design ebook covers and this tutorial will help you to design 3D ebook cover using few mouse clicks.


7. Ebook Cover Design in Photoshop for iPad

Writing ebook specially for those who use iPad, this video tutorial will let you design ebook cover for iPad with the help of Adobe Photoshop.


8. How to Make an Ebook Cover + Free Ebook Templates

This article featured at has video tutorial that will help you to design awesome ebook cover and has links to the useful resources from where you can download free ebook templates.


9. Ebook Covers : Photoshop Fun

For some people designing ebook cover is daunting task but for Kaitlin Hayes, designing ebook covers in Photoshop is a fun. Let’s check on the blog where she described  how to create ebook cover design in few steps.


10. Create your Own Ebook Cover, Step by Step, With Pictures

A perfect tutorial to create free ebook cover for those who don’t know how to work in Photoshop or haven’t purchased it yet. This ebook cover creation tutorial will help you to create the cover with the help of powerpoint and showing each and every step with detailed pictures.


11. How to Design an Ebook Cover in Word

We have already seen how to create ebook cover using Microsoft powerpoint but this ebook cover creation tutorial will help you to create one using Microsoft word. This tutorials are specially for newbies who just want to give more time to writing.


Going through these best ebook cover design tutorials while listing them down, I can say that these are really simple and easy to follow. You will love checking them out, going through steps listed and following them to come up with cool cover designs. Even if the ebook cover designing is not on your list in the near future, these are definitely worth trying out. You never know, it might result in something that you could add to your portfolio.

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