Best 14 Game Engine Libraries for Developers

At first, programming and developing online games was expensive. Now, developers can manage to license their game engines and take care of online gaming. Although there are many game engines in the market, it is important to choose the right gaming engines to reset games online. Here are 14 of the top game engine libraries for developers:

1. Canvas Engine

HTML and JavaScript supported game engines have brought a tech revolution to the industry of virtual gaming. Canvas Engine is a brilliant engine to develop games through modification, system upgrade and graphic picture sketching. With Canvas Engine, developers will be able to wipe out tech glitches instantly and develop multiplayer games. Developers can also replace old or conventional gaming features and reinstall some innovative features.


2. Enchant.Js

This game engine offers hybrid picture drawing and elements resetting to develop 2-D games. With Enchant.Js, developers can draw images on DOM and API Canvases.


3. Collie

Collie simplifies game development process and offers animation features that reprogram the games. It backs up Android and HTML5 Canvas with mobile DOM.


4. HTML5 Quintus

HTML5 Quintus helps developers perform gaming page reloading, data restoration and page uploading faster. With this game engine, developers can replace dull scenario and sightseeing and bring some colorful designs to edit snapshots of multiplayer games. Developers can also run their game on a desktop computer, laptops and even on smart phones.


5. Turbulenz

Turbulenz is a multifunctional software that modifies the latest games. Turbulenz is supported by Javascript and HTML5 which help upgrade the games without technical glitches. Developers can also help increase the device compatibility by running games on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. It is a free, open source gaming engine to develop games.


6. Traffic Cone

In order to increase the depth of the color and designs of the games, this game engine will help with the overall layout designs.


7. GoGoMakePlay

GMP is an advanced game engine used mainly to upgrade 2-D online games. Developers can create a retro-style game with the assistance of such a highly competitive game engine.


8. Akihabara

Akihabara is the hub for JavaScript supported game developers. This engine helps make games faster by changing the subsets. With Akihabara, developers can get sophisticated tools for excellent picture modification, language resetting, and JavaScript re-installation without Flash plug-in process.


9. GameJs

GameJs has MIT license and is a successful game engine for proper game development. With GameJs, a developer’s gaming consoles will run faster.


10. Squarepig

Squarepig is a game engine that supports HTML5 script for game modification. With Squarepig, developers can build up gaming codes to change the set-up. Demos are also available for novice game developers.


11. Jaws

Jaws game engine performs well and helps track movable objects for modification on the multimedia framework.


12. Gladius

With Gladius, developers can reset time, create new messages and modify games faster. Gladius has been written in JavaScript language and cuts expenses of system maintenance to edit games.


13. Jest

With Jest developers can access a Tiled map, state system and Tiled Spirits to bring changes to the games.

14. Playcraft

With Playcraft, developers can write or create games instantly to run on different platforms. It can also track your game through Facebook as well.



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