9 Tools to Find Awesome Font Combinations

Designers working on different projects either for themselves or their clients well know the importance of tools and other useful resources that are handy and ensure to help make the tasks (big or small) easier. Fonts play a vital role in designs be it for print, for website, mobile app or anything. It is for this reason that we come up with the compilations of latest fonts at the scheduled days. However, that’s not all that falls in the fonts category. Just recently, we came up with the list of 6 Best Free Tools to Create Fonts. Hope it solved the purpose of making you all happy for the handy availability of such functionally smart tools.

Today, we planned to compile the list of tools that help in finding superb font combinations. This got to be one of the most useful compilations which will help our designer friends get the awesome results in bare minimum time and as easily as one could imagine. Hit a jump to check out the best font combination tools and create an awesome experience for your readers.

Awesome Font Combinations Tools

1. Type Wolf

Type Wolf is a wonderful collection of beautiful type sampled from the web. As you can see here you find a list of the fonts used and a link to the sampled site to get the clear idea while choosing the right type of fonts (combination) to be used in your design projects.


2. Just My Type

Just My Type is a cool collection of font pairings from Typekit and H&FJ. This project is created, maintained and designed by Daniel Eden.


3. The Web Font Combinator

The Web Font Combinator is tool that lets users to preview font combinations in a fast, browser-based manner. Here, users can easily edit different type and preview any particular text. In the controls, you can select the element you want to modify, and then play. Besides, users can change the font, size, line height and color of an element and hide an element altogether.


4. Beautiful Web Type

This is a showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory. We all know that there are indeed quite a good number of typefaces in the Google web fonts directory. Beautiful Web Type has chosen high-quality typefaces that deserve to be given due attention and used. You all can checkout the examples of these beautiful fonts that will make you drool over and persuade to use the same in your upcoming design projects.


5. Tiff

Tiff is a unique kind of tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts.


6. Typespiration

Typespiration is a curated site of designer-contributed examples along with the sample text, a list of what fonts and colors were used and CSS code for cutting/pasting into your own site. This makes it easier for users to understand and make their pick easily without having to bother about the end results as they will be able to see the sample beforehand.


7. Typr.io

Typ.io is a superb website that helps in finding new fonts for miscellenous projects. Fonts are tagged with related words and the site helps users in pairing complimentary fonts together.


8. Web Font Blender

Web Font Blender is a small handy tool to checkout neat webfont combinations to make the websites easily readable and understood. Simply select the text element you want to style by clicking on it, easily change the font family, the size and the line height. As you all can notice, the measurements are shown in PX, EM and percent for you all to easily copy and paste it in your stylesheets.


9. Type Genius

Type Genius is a font combining tool that is possibly the best pick for perfect font combo for your next project.


Know about any such useful tool for designers to make perfect typography combinations to be used in different designing projects? Well, its definitely a nice idea to share it with our designer friends. You never know, if the tool you suggest might hit and prove useful for designers. Also, share your reviews of the above listed best font combinations tools with us.

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