9 Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Photoshop plug-ins are a great way to enhance the method of designing. They help prevent repetition so tasks don’t get boring. They also help to manage layers of the images with ease so they can be customized.

1. Size-Marks PS

Size-Marks PS is great for adding a label to a particular image and preserving the image in each of the layers to resize or change color or customize it. It uses Marquee tool to save the various applied labels to the images.


2. Oven

Managing assets on Photoshop can be a little bit of a headache, especially when if each layer requires a name change for the output to come out as desired. This may not always be possible and it takes up a lot of time as well. Oven plugin allows designers to do this without all the hassle.


3. LayerCraft

This Photoshop plugin is valuable for mobile UI developers. It allows the exporting of the various layers in varying scales. The layers can be exported with compatibility to both Android and iOS to create apps for a variety of platforms.


4. Velositey

Want to create website prototypes in Photoshop quickly and with ease? Try Velositey. This extension is free and includes a lot of predefined templates which can be used to create prototypes. It also has various headers, footers and contents which can be included in the project.


5. QuickGuide

Drawing guides along the various sides of the image in Photoshop has never been easier. QuickGuide comes with various kinds of presets that allows designers to define the sides of the image which can include one side, two sides or all the sides of the particular image. This also aids in deleting defined guides or the all the applied guides. It also helps in toggling an image and saving it for the future.


6. Lorem Picsum

Instead of generating various texts, Lorem Picsum helps in generating images in various forms. This Photoshop plugin allows designers to use the images in their projects which are selected from various famous TV shows and animated films like Futurama, Rio, Finding Nemo and Up among others.


7. Pictura

Adding images in a project without having to leave a work window is a blessing, as far as designers are concerned. Pictura allows designers to do just that. This plugin helps to search a particular image and insert it into the design without having to leave or exit a work station.


8. Ink

Creating a fabulous design in Photoshop is easy. But converting the design into a working prototype may be a bit harder. It requires a lot of formatting like changing the font sizes, the alignment of the components, the family of fonts used and the layer alignments. Ink helps designer to do all these with ease by providing the statistical data.


9. Composer

Layer composition is an important factor in the process of designing. But the layers need to be saved separately as different files to be used in designing. Composer allows designers to save the various layers as a single file so that using it in designing jobs in the future with just a click.


These are probably some of the best Photoshop plugins which help in designing the projects within deadline

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