8 Sites to learn Drupal for free

When it comes to Drupal, people are often afraid to venture into new territory. Here are some of the best sites which will provide users with a detailed knowledge of Drupal, so that they can code with it easily and like a pro.

1. Free Course :  Four Week Drupal Course

Learning a subject within just a matter of 4 weeks may seem like a dream come true, but with the 15 vivid tutorials offered in the Drupal course by WunderKraut designers will master the subject in no time. After the course has been completed designers will be able code in Drupal with the utmost ease.

2. DrupalLove

As you can see by the name, Drupal Love.com is all about everything a designer needs to know about Drupal. The site, which is free, also provides an array of Drupal specifications and basic information and gives a host of themes, codes and a lot more related to Drupal.

3. GeeksAndGod

Research says that visualization helps in remembering the things a lot more than just reading them. The Drupal tutorials on Geeks and god.com utilizes this concept to teach you Drupal. Users can browse and choose a specific subject to learn the same.

4. Drupal

Lessons and tutorials featured on Drupal.org consist of everything that a developer needs to know about Drupal. It has a menu on the right hand site which will help developers to browse through the area they need most. It is also like an open forum which consists of materials from contributors so that users are always kept updated on latest advancements.

5. Starting Drupal Module Development – Free Course

Befused.com allows users to examine a few tutorials and basically Drupal is in their grasp. It covers all aspects of Drupal and also offers users with a list of e-books and tool kits which they can download and use at their convenience.

6. Getting Started with Drupal 7 Tutorials

The video tutorials on Drupal at Get Level Ten.com are classified in advanced and beginners stages so that anyone can easily search and find what they need to study.

7.  GotDrupal

Looking for a site which teaches the basics of Drupal in a way so that beginners won’t have any problem grasping the concept? Got Drupal.com is just the thing. It is enriched with all the basics of Drupal and a great introduction to the world of Drupal. It creates a strong base of knowledge of Drupal so that moving on the more advanced levels is easy.

8. Drupal Tutorial : How to Use Drupal

Most sites have a side lesson or a quick sneak peek into the world of Drupal. However Ground.com provides a complete lesson on Drupal with well classified tutorials and study materials.


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