8 New Year Resolutions for Programmers

With new year fever still on, lot many people believe it’s not late to make resolutions, giving a fresh start to their personal and professional lives. Some might be still planning to give them to their relationships, work on their negatives, mend their ways, manage their time and finances well and much more.

To err is human! No matter how professional we are, we sometimes make mistakes, miss out certain things and regret for not doing the same in the quest to meet the deadlines, survive the competition and other things. While professionally too we make mistakes like not backing up our valuable data, not managing our time well and likewise. With each new year beginnings, we make certain promises to ourselves some of which we live up to while we forget others.

Coming to the point, have you made your resolutions for this year which you have promised yourself not to break? How about sharing them with us. If you haven’t yet, we can help you in making the list of new year resolutions. TheNeoDesign is a blog dedicated to designers and developers. When we talk about designers, we ensure not to miss out anything that can help our developer/programmer friends be it in the form of resources, plugins or tips and tricks. Just few days back we listed down 10 New Year Resolutions for Designers and today an idea popped up to come up with the new year resolutions for programmers.

There may be a few of the resolutions that would not sound specific but general. Read them out!

1. Learn Something New

This resolution can be categorized as general. We learn throughout our lives. We should never stop ourselves from learning something new. Programmers can make this new year’s resolution to learn something new; it can be a programming language. If you know one language you will work within limits, but then if you expand your horizon, learn new language, you will see the difference in your problem solving and task handling.


2. Do things; Other than programming

Do anything that interests you, be it cooking, traveling, camping, joining a dance or swimming classes or anything you love. See, if you think you will do this at somewhere in the future, that time will never come. In fact, this is essential if you want to improve on your productivity and efficiency.


3. Meeting Deadlines

Now this one is a new year resolution worth working on. If as a programmer, you are unable to deliver your work on time. Make your best possible effort to complete the assigned task on time. This is directly related to time management. If you manage your time well, you will never fail in delivering the project on time, will get ample time to do things like learning new things and taking breaks that are essential to keep you moving.


4. Caffeine Addiction

Programmers often love coffee/tea. Learn that the number of cups of caffeine you are taking in is doing no good. Make this your resolution to substitute these beverages with water that will keep you hydrated and will not harm you in any case while too much of caffeine intake can!


5. Sharing your Wisdom

See, if you know something share it with others to let them learn from your experiences and you can give them sure shot ideas to achieve the desired results in coding. There are many non profit online spaces available where you can contribute thereby making others gather good amount of knowledge to handle various coding projects.

6. Enhance Your Skills

Not everyone knows everything. We all have different abilities and we should learn to enhance our skills and make optimum use of our knowledge to grow personally and professionally. CodeAcademy, Code Gym are two examples of online learning spots where programmers can master their skills and increase their knowledge on the topics of their interest.

[UPDATE] We were informed by Johny Selawsky (Java dev and tutor at Learning Tree), that Code School project was bought by Pluralsight and these guys have formally closed the project.
As an alternative suggested by Johny, we added CodeGym.cc
Thanks for the tip!


7. Backup your Data

It is such a bad feeling to lose all the hard work that you have done. Make it your new year resolution and stick to it to always keep a backup of your important data loosing which your efforts might go down the drain.


8. Relax

Programmers are often seen typing and their fingers are continuously doing the work. In between make sure to take your fingers off your keyboard crack your knuckles, play a game, take a break…in short relax, flex your fingers!


To sum up, these resolutions if well followed will help all you programmers enhance their productivity and manage the time well, so much so that you will get ample time for yourself. If you are a programmer then this list will surely make you realize what you were not doing till date and what all areas need changes to become more and more professional.

Hope you liked the article and this will help you prepare your list of resolutions for this year. Have your say by leaving your comments below.

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