8 Free WordPress Plugins for Mobile Sites

WordPress is one of easiest to use and access CMS solutions. WordPress offers tons of options when it comes to themes, support and plugins. It remains the number one choice for website developers. WordPress is now used to create mobile sites which are compatible according to the size of a screen. To make any website easily compatible on mobile two things are needed: A fast loading time and mobile optimized design and content.

Let’s discuss some of the WordPress plugins available free of cost:

1. Mobile Smart

This is the plugin I use a lot and LOVE IT!

Mobile Smart switches the theme to mobile friendly version as soon as it detects a mobile device. It gives a manual option of switching between the desktop and mobile version. It also codes images to fit into smaller screen and template functions to determine which tier of mobile device is viewing the site. The paid Pro version has even more features.


2. WP Mobile Plugin

This is a good option in case your current website is not mobile compatible. It will use the current menu or assign a new menu according to the mobile theme. It can easily enable or disable mobile mode. Users can manually switch to desktop text or mobile text. It also sets a custom homepage for mobile visitors or by default use WordPress reading options.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

This new WordPress mobile pack allows developers to package their  existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application. It creates responsive UI according to various screen size and orientation. It can create customized themes with various colors and fonts and add logo and graphic elements.


4. Mobile Press

This plugin creates WordPress themes compatible on mobile screens with responsive UIS. You can choose various colors and fonts.

5. Post Script Responsive Images

This plugin will modify “the_content” and the post thumbnail function by using SRCSET to render the images. This plugin will allow for resizing the image on the go and also on the previously uploaded images.


6. Easy Responsive Shortcodes

Easy Responsive Shortcodes will provide short and easy to use codes for creating columns, buttons, icons, tabs and much more. It gives codes which are responsive and work in almost any theme. This plugin is designed to create short, fast and reliable codes which are easy to use.


7. FV WordPress Flowplayer

This plugin is free and easy to use for embedding videos on the site. It can embed MP4, HTML5, Playlists, Youtube or Vimeo easily.


8. WPTouch

NOTE: While many bloggers enjoy WP Touch, I’ve used the PRO versions 2 & 3, and stopped using it after paying for upgrade to V3, and finding it utterly useless!

WP touch is also extremely unfriendly to AdSense publishers! My recommendation – don’t waste your money.

Also, with so many great responsive themes out there, there is no point to have WP Touch any more!

ORIGINAL: This is a mobile plugin for WordPress which automatically enables simple and elegant themes for any mobile visitors to a WordPress site. It allows the website to be compatible according to screen size and fast and user-friendly without modifying the code of a desktop. It has Pro which offers enhanced themes for blogs, business and retailers.


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