8 Excellent Tools to Analyse Websites

No matter what kind of website, whether it’s a blog, product display, business development or a simple photography display, website analysis tools will be needed to complete the design. These tools can be operated in web hosting admin panel and will help in analyzing the website top to bottom. Website analysis tools act like a critic’s eye and will highlight the strong points as well as the weak points of a website, which will lead to changes that could increase views and business.

Here’s a list of some of the best analysis tools for website designing and maintenance.

1. Web Colour Data

This tool aims to decode the color data of any web page. Enter the web address and it will extract all the colors used on it. This helps designers understand what are the common colors used and which industry prefers which color.


2. Type-o-matic

It is a browser extension that examines the font on a web page. It will count all the fonts on a page and order them by color and size. It also will display other information such as text-transform, color, font-style, font-variant, count, text-shadow and a lot of other useful data. It can be used to analyse multiple web pages and generate a report onthe findings.


3. Style Stats

This tool will analyse CSS on the website. Enter the URL and then it will take all CSS data and organize it into more readable and understandable form.  This is a good tool to evaluate the quality of the CSS used on a site. It will compare CSS data.


4. Snappy Snippet

Snappy Snippet is also a DevTool Extension to extract CSS and HTML from selected DOM subtree. It will also clean up unnecessary attributes and fix indentation in HTML code.


5. Stylify Me

This research tool will give users complete information on the font, style, typography and spacing of a site. This allows for efficient research of a site and let’s users be aware of current design trends.


6. Woorank

This tool can be used to review the website and improve ranking and online visibility through SEO, Social Media and other options.  It will display the rating at the top of the page and also review SEO. The services are free of charge once a week but can be purchased for further deep analysis.


7. Woopra

This is complete website analysis package which will do a comprehensive study on a website.


8. Feedcompare

This is a great tool to gather information about the audience of the webpage. It will tell users how many readers visit the website daily. A FeedBurner account is required to use this tool.

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