7 Tips for Designers to Find Inspiration Without Internet

Designers around the world are working hard to come up with the most creative designs for the users to get the best experience and enjoy the visual treat. Do you think, they never get stuck? Ofcourse they do and when they get upset they look for someone to help they get back in form and resume. What can be the right way out.

Not just designers everyone in any field at one point or the other needs inspiration from time to time. You never know what might work for you. Internet is a wonderful source that helps you get inspired but then there bare times one doesn’t like to stare the computer, infact put the lid of your laptop down and just do nothing or do something that relieves from stress or sometime net is not working.

Internet has one flaw that is it distracts you sometimes you end up opening Facebook or some other website that is not kind of inspiring instead distracting. How else can you get inspiration and from which all sources? Here, we are with an article that will help you get inspiration to come up with something creative, a design that makes you feel content.

1. Books

Books, either in the paper form or digital form are the best source of inspiration. Designers can get some really superb art and design books that can serve as the good source of inspiration. eBooks can be downloaded and read when the net is not working.

Also, if you are into reading, you can carry the book to some part, a coffee shop or wherever you wish to sit down and relax. Flipping through a physically printed book can help divert your mind thereby making your mind relaxed besides serving as the source of inspiration. When you come online, don’t forget to check our article featuring latest free ebooks for designers.


2. Magazines/Newpapers

Sometimes while in doctor’s clinic, or in the saloon/parlour waiting for our turn, we pick up the magazine or a paper and flip through it and at times we get a good dose of knowledge or an artistic idea. There are magazines for almost every niche out there.  So, it is suggested to subscribe some design related magazines and also go through the paper daily.


3. Take a Refreshing Break

The best of ideas strike the mind in the silence. Don’t feel like working? Wear you shoes/slippers, go out and take a refreshing break. Taking a stroll in the park, being in the lapse of nature, sitting in silence can help you relax your mind and get a dose of refreshment. It can actually help you a great deal in resetting your mind and get back to track.


4. Start a Design Journal

Anything that we come across in day to day life can be a source of inspiration. Even while you are talking to a friend or walking along the street, an idea can strike you. Write them down as soon as you get a pen and paper or you can put it on the cellphone and when you get back home prepare your design journal.


5. Art Galleries/Museums/Exhibitions

Giving your eyes a good dose of visual treat, surrounding yourself with artistic stuff ensures to be of great help in making your creative juices flow. Art galleries and museums if you all have visited tend to be quiet places, perfect for letting your creative mind work and generate ideas.


6. Enjoy Little Things in Life

What makes you happy? Listening to music, going out for a movie, talking to friends? Anything that helps you put aside the burden of work, or help you cut down the monotony. It will help you get back on the track. When you resume you will notice the change.


7. Be Silly

You are a designer doesn’t mean you have to work like a robot. Sometimes you should get a little crazy. Laugh aloud, dance to one of your favourite tunes, talk to your mom, dad sister or brother or anybody you are comfortable talking to.  Be silly, have fun, enjoy yourself and then get back to your work.


Which place, thing or person helps you get a dose of information when get stuck? Do share your experience with us and suggestions are more than welcome. Do not forget to check the good habits of web designers that will help you succeed in your life.

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