7 Successful Tips to Use Mobile Typography

Mobile typography can be difficult for designers to grasp at first. Successful mobile typography must be readable with unique designs, and designers must be successful in making their readers interested to check the digital content or text on their touch screens. Here are seven innovative tips designers can use to make the most out of their mobile typography:

Font Selection

The size of the letters of the content is important and must be properly tailored. Unattractive design of the text spoils the charm for readers to go through the text, so font selection must be chosen to enhance the aesthete of the content. Do trials before choosing the fonts to optimize the stored content. There are updated fonts online for better typography, and there is also free online research will help you to have the attractive fonts to decorate the content.


If the words of the text are large, readers will not be comfortable handling the content, especially on smaller devices. The size of the text, then, must be measured to reset the content. If you have a box-shaped smart phone or an iPhone, the screen is larger to display the 12-sized Times New Roman font-based content. However, if you have a smaller phone, reduce the size and shape of the content. Keep the header size, width and length of the text in the right proportion. If there is little room or space on the mobile screen, words will be disarrayed or overlapped.


To be a good typography designer you must be strategic when decorating the small or large text on smart phones. For instance, designers should bold the important phrases or highlight key words. Your content will draw the attention of people. Data shared through your mobile devices should be visible, and designers should use black colors to bold their content. You can bring some changes by opting for handful color shades, like a deep pink color. If you use sophisticated fonts to redesign the content, you can select underlines to mark the content to attract readers.

Double Space

Typographic tools are useful for content resetting. For example, using a double space between the two sentences is often helpful to those who cannot read small text.

Be an Artist

DIY typography is an art, so you must have an artistic mindset and use the power of creativity to modify the text.

Be Creative

This follows under being an artist to modify your text. Expand your imagination to apply more creative ideas to keep the clarity of the text without damaging the visual panorama of the text. Take risks and experiment by minimizing or maximizing the font size without derailing the margins of the framework.

Play with Colors and Fonts

Regularly, you must play with the font and colors to paint the content.  If you have the lack of knowledge to select the right font and colors, you could eventually achieve this goal through regular practice and experimentation. You can also do online comparisons to handpick the best colors to perfect content decoration.

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